Have you seen our new Smarter Restrooms Mobile App?  We built this unique resource to tackle some of the most common issues associated with managing portable restroom rentals – from national fleet management to simple everyday maintenance tasks – and we think you’re going to love it.  If you’re involved in purchasing, management or maintenance for portable restrooms, this is something you need to see.
The app runs on Android and iOS smartphones, and it brings critical restroom management functions right into your pocket.  Never has managing a portable restroom – or a fleet of restroom rentals – been so simple and convenient.  With the swipe of a finger, users can now control all aspects of our portable restrooms remotely from the comfort of home, the office, or wherever they happen to be.

Manage Your Restroom Rentals Fleet with the Swipe of a FingerSmartphone-Smarter-Restrooms-App-Geo-Management.png

The Smarter Restrooms App introduces the ability to remotely control several vital aspects of managing portable restroom rentals in the field.  When the operational status of a unit changes, the fleet manager is notified instantly.  For instance, if a unit loses shore power – at any time – the fleet manager receives a notification by email or text message as soon as power is lost.
The Smarter Restrooms App also helps to monitor and manage tank levels on all fresh and waste water tanks.  Tank levels can be checked in real time via the app interface.  Equipped units also send out notifications whenever a tank’s level crosses certain thresholds for high and low levels.  The thresholds that trigger notifications are fully custom and can be raised or lowered to accommodate specific units, events, clients, and locations.  No one knows your business better than you – so we put you in control of every setting in the app.
We were recently contacted by a rental trailers customer who was concerned that the waste tank had overfilled and caused a huge mess. Had the client purchased and implemented the Smarter Restrooms App on the unit, they would have been notified ahead of time that the waste tank was close to being full. The mess could have been avoided.
Another helpful tool in the Smarter Restrooms App is the ability to remotely manage all the climate control features of each equipped unit.  You can check the internal temperature of each unit in real time.  And you can adjust each unit’s thermostat to control the climate with the air conditioner, heater, or heat strips.  To help you make sure things stay comfortable, the app also provides local outside weather conditions for each of your units in the field.

Innovative Security Features for Deployed Restrooms

The app also incorporates several innovative security features that help owners and fleet managers to protect their assets while they are deployed.  With the Smarter Restrooms app, users can remotely lock and unlock all exterior doors.  And they can remotely toggle the exterior lighting on and off for additional security when needed.  All of this is remotely controlled by the swipe of a finger on the user’s smartphone.
Another security feature that is generating a lot of excitement is “geo zones” feature.  With geo zones, users can create custom geographic zones on a map, representing the areas within which their deployed units may safely move.  If a unit moves outside its designated geo zone, a GPS sensor on the restroom registers the change and sends an instant notification by email and/or text message.
Regardless of the size of your restroom rentals fleet, this technology works seamlessly to alert you to any unwanted change – at the exact moment when the change occurs.  Each unit in your fleet can its own custom settings, and deployed units can easily be moved between different geo zones.  And it’s easy to get a quick overview of your current fleet status because each unit is shown on the map simultaneously.

The Smarter Restrooms App is Available Now

We’ve been working on the features in the Smarter Restrooms App for some time now, and we’re very excited to announce that the app is now available on any of our new portable restrooms for sale.  If you’re interested in learning more about the app, or if you have any questions about how it can work with your fleet of restroom rentals – please get in touch with us today at (877) 600-8645.