Short-Term Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals

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Short-Term Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals

As the world begins to consider reopening after COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, businesses prepare for what will come next. Life as we knew it seems to have changed for good, so how do owners go about doing business in a post-pandemic world? This question rings true for the restroom trailer rentals industry moving forward. 

Here at Portable Restrooms Trailers, we have had to reevaluate our inventory and find solutions for businesses on two opposite ends of the spectrum: those who have been essential and working nonstop and those who will be opening their doors for the first time in weeks. With this in mind, we have expanded our list of portable restroom trailer rentals that are available short term. This means that our usual 60-day minimum on some rentals has been lifted, allowing flexibility for businesses that may need it.

Below, browse popular restroom trailer rentals that are now in stock and available for a variety of businesses and needs. If you find a restroom solution for you, request a quote to begin the rental process. 

3 Station Cabo Series

calypso restroom trailer rentals

Compact yet efficient, the 3 Station Cabo Series is one of our most versatile restroom trailer rentals. The design is simple with elegant accents like wood-printed flooring and designer countertops. Capable of servicing 250 guests before needing maintenance, this restroom trailer rental is perfect for additional staff, busy warehouses, and temporary workstations. 

4 Station Combo, Classic Series

combo restroom trailer rentals

When clients first begin looking at our restroom trailer rentals, they are usually prioritizing the toilet and don’t think much about the rest of the bathroom. We make it a point to introduce our customers to shower and combo options like this 4 Station Classic Series. Private, comfortable, and easy to manage, this unit gives hospital visitors, staff, truck drivers, and more the option for a hot shower. This simple, everyday act can provide comfort, self care, and peace during a hectic workday when making it home just isn’t an option.

8 Station Laundry Trailer

laundry trailer

The 8 Station Laundry Trailer is a unique portable solution that allows businesses to access washers and dryers. There are a number of business needs that this trailer can satisfy. From washing bed linens in an ICU to items needed in essential workers’ hotel rooms, disinfecting uniforms and reusable masks to providing a laundry option for onsite workers and visitors, the laundry trailer quite surprisingly comes in handy in more ways than one. 

5 Station Calypso Series

5 station restroom trailer

For companies needing restroom trailer rentals that can service a larger volume of users, the 5 Station Calypso Series is a great option. Elegantly designed and capable of servicing up to 350 guests before maintenance, this is an easy addition to a small brick-and-mortar restroom that is impacted by additional guests and staff. 

10 Station Calypso Series

10 station calypso series

For larger projects to come, like those in the construction, transportation, municipalities, or production industry, the 10 Station Calypso Series is a restroom rental option that can handle the crowd. As the world opens up, the need for larger gatherings will increase and this portable restroom can handle high demand. If you are a business that needs to ensure that hundreds of employees have the restroom access they need, this one's for you. 

We are glad that we have been here to assist essential businesses with restroom trailer rentals. Clean and accessible restrooms may seem like a low priority, but in reality, they are necessary and can provide a little comfort and solace during a busy day. 

For businesses that are preparing to open their doors, we wish you nothing but success! Be prepared for the crowds, temporary employees, or special guests and visitors with restroom trailer rentals. Browse more options here and request a quote when you find the perfect solution for you.

Have a few questions? Contact us today and speak with our knowledgeable sales team. Let’s partner and prepare for the future! 

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