The Best of Both Worlds: Shower Bathroom Combination Trailers

Shower Bathroom Combination Trailers
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The Best of Both Worlds: Shower Bathroom Combination Trailers

Warm cookies and cold milk, Batman and Robin, salt and pepper, Barbie and Ken–some things really do go better together.

While we love an iconic duo, our favorite has to be the shower and restroom combination trailer. It is excellent for so many events. So, to share our love of this perfect pairing, three of the major benefits of mobile combination restroom shower trailers are:

1.   Cost-Effectiveness

It may seem like a given that a combination unit would save you a good bit of money. However, a combination shower restroom unit may save you more money.

A typical three-person restroom trailer can cost in the ballpark of $53,000. A three-person mobile shower trailer can cost around $42,000. To service an event that requires both restroom and shower services, you would be spending upwards of $95,000.

Now, a three-stall shower and toilet combination trailer will only cost around $60,000, with some luxury options costing a bit more. It’s typical for a combination unit to save you upwards of $30,000 when needing three units. For around the same price as three toilets and three showers in two separate trailers, you could purchase a combination unit with six toilets and showers. That’s more units, with more convenience, at a similar price point.

That is a considerable amount of money you can spend on other areas of your event or fleet, tucked away for a rainy day…or can leave you with a larger budget for bigger and fancier trailer options. That’s the great part about it: that money is yours, and what you do with it is entirely up to you.

2.   Unmatched Convenience

Have you ever been in a hurry to get to work, took a shower, and when you got out of the shower, you had to trek to the other side of the house to use the restroom?

Yeah, neither have we. That’s because your shower and toilet are usually in the same room at home. It makes life easy for when you need to use both.

The combination trailer is just like home, except for the fact that it’s on wheels and super portable. It allows your guests access to all the necessary facilities without jumping around between trailers, creating a far more seamless experience that attendees will surely appreciate.

3.   Luxurious and Spacious Feel

One of the great things about combination shower and restroom unit options is that they are available with luxury options.

Some trailers include solar-powered options, wifi, marble-effect standing showers, towel hooks, and comfy benches, all in self-contained, private stations. Some trailers might even feel more posh than your bathroom at home.

Look for ADA-compliant trailers that provide space and accessibility for all those needing bathroom facilities, regardless of their mobility, allowing your event to be as inclusive as possible.

4.   Sanitary and Hygienic Features

Mobile combination trailers include self-contained collection tanks, which keep waste from spilling out and polluting nature and your event. We can’t think of anything worse than a leaking restroom trailer laying waste to your event(pun intended). Thankfully, tanks can be emptied with local waste management services, making trailer service easy.

Features like germicide-protected bath mats are also available in some trailer options, keeping your shower environments clean and healthy and preventing diseases from spreading.

We know that construction sites often require decontamination units for safety, in addition to restroom units for worker welfare. Portable trailers offer many options that ensure your workers have the facilities they need within close proximity to your site. There are dedicated restroom and decon units. But you can also find combination trailers that include decon showers and toilets in the same station, ensuring you and your workers are safe, healthy, and comfortable. You can read more about construction-specific portable trailer options here.

5.   Comfort Features

No one wants to take a cold shower if they don’t have to, so the showers can (and should) include hot, pressurized water. Gone are the days of camp or festival showers that are so cold they take your breath away. The combination trailer showers leave your guests feeling clean, refreshed, and, most importantly, not teeth-chattering and freezing.

Some units also include privacy accommodations, like self-contained units, shower curtains, and fiberglass stalls. If you need, there are units that have separate male and female stations. These ensure your guests feel comfortable and secure in units and don’t have any awkward run-ins with their fellow guests or coworkers.

When searching for portable bathroom or shower trailers, you should feel confident in the purchases and rentals you spend your hard-earned money on. There are many shower trailer rentals and restroom trailers for sale, but if you need both shower and toilet facilities, the combination trailer might be the best option out there for you. It is a great value, easy to use and maintain, and your guests or employees will love their experience. Be sure to review all available combination units to find the option that is right for you.


Among all iconic duos, our favorite is the combination shower and restroom trailer. It is ideal for a wide range of events. In this infographic, highlights the major benefits of mobile combination restroom shower trailers.

5 Bathroom Combination Trailer Advantages Infographic

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