We always enjoy working with nonprofits that prioritize helping their local community. A shower trailer can assist these organizations in many ways, from providing sanitation for volunteers and staff to offering showers and laundry to those displaced during natural disasters. No matter the cause, we do our best to find the perfect bathroom option in our inventory for each individual nonprofit.

We recently partnered with Leah’s Hopes and Dreams, a nonprofit that supports the homeless community in Charlotte, NC and beyond. Learn more about this wonderful organization:

“Leah's Hopes and Dreams is 501c3 organization with an emphasis on God, education, and programs that support sustainable behavioral changes. We serve our target population within the communities in which we live, work, and worship; Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and surrounding areas.

As a nonprofit we want to prevent episodes of homelessness within our community that are negatively impacting individuals and families. LHD has identified existing risks and mitigating factors to further prevent chronic homelessness among persons who are already homeless. LHD will develop, test, and disseminate an action plan for these risks and issues, while promoting the use of evidence-based homelessness prevention and early intervention programs and strategies to curb the trends of our current state.

We also have a global focus on partnerships in Ghana, West Africa, and the Bahamas. LHD recognizes the far-reaching economic and socio-economic impact of poverty and the role it plays to influence the mind, body, and spirit (sharing God’s love even in the darkest places).”

When Leah’s Hopes and Dreams reached out needing a shower trailer to expand their homeless outreach program, we were happy to help them find the perfect fit. 

A Shower Trailer for Those in Need

We have many shower trailer options to choose from, and 2 Station Shower Trailer, Affordable Advantage Series was the perfect choice for them.

2 station shower trailer

The Affordable Advantage collection is a series designed and manufactured exclusively by Portable Restroom Trailers. We are excited to offer elegant, modern, and well-designed portable restrooms that save our clients money without sacrificing a great bathroom experience.

This portable shower trailer is purposefully designed for a smaller volume of use and was a great solution to send to this impactful nonprofit.

The Affordable Advantage Series shower trailer is a compact yet comfortable environment. The clean, fresh exterior and aluminum steps and rails greet guests and ensure that they have safe and easy access. The interior is fitted with non-skid rubber flooring to ensure that guests can shower safely without worrying about slipping. Two private showers await each visitor, and curtains ensure plenty of privacy during use.

The entire unit is insulated to ensure that the interior temperature stays comfortable despite outside weather conditions. It also comes with air conditioning and heat strips, which help keep the temperature that much more comfortable. With a tankless hot water system and showers that are very user friendly, this shower trailer provides each user with a positive shower experience.

Get Your Shower Trailer Today

We are always happy to leave a customer satisfied. With Leah’s Hopes and Dreams Organization, we were able to provide them with a portable shower trailer that fits their needs, easily accommodating their volume of usage while providing a shower facility that serves their city’s homeless community.

With our continued success partnering with such a diverse range of companies, we are confident in our ability to help those who may have a restroom need in the future. Tell us about your business. Do you hire temporary or seasonal staff? Have a venue or facility that needs more restroom access. How about a nonprofit organization that services those in need? If so, we are here to help you solve all of your restroom problems with a restroom or shower trailer rental that fits your specific needs. With basic to luxury designs, small to large in size, we have the restroom or shower trailer that is perfectly equipped for your exact needs! Browse Available Now trailers to find a fit for you.