In America, the recycling business is a huge industry.  These companies do work that is critical to our society’s sustainability, and PRT we are proud to help them out by providing a shower trailer rental whenever one is needed.
Since its inception, the recycling industry has recovered more than 66 million tons of material that would otherwise be added to our nation’s landfills.  And with more than 50% of Americans having access to curbside recycling in 2018, the industry continues to expand – improving on existing recycling processes and consistently identifying new materials that can be salvaged.
While most of the materials that are recycled every year are plastic and paper products; the recycling of specialty materials is equally important.  A huge number of specialty materials are used in electronics and industrial components – and dedicated recycling procedures are being developed for many of those specialty materials.  We recently helped a leader in the industry who has become one of the world’s premier providers of recycling services for cobalt and nickel. They needed help keeping their workers safe and healthy – and we were more than happy to help them with their important work.

Recycling Specialty Materials in America’s Heartland

Cobalt mines have attracted a lot of attention in the press over the past few years – including scrutiny of the health risks and working conditions faced by cobalt miners around the world.  But cobalt is an essential component in many of the most common and popular rechargeable batteries – including lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride. These are the batteries that power our smartphones, laptops, electric cars, and more.
Our client developed a proprietary process that has had quite an impact on the markets for cobalt and nickel.  The process allows them to recycle used lithium and nickel batteries, capture the cobalt and nickel, and refine those specialty materials to be used again in other products.  This process keeps these rare and valuable elements out of landfills, and relieves pressure on the cobalt supply chain and its mining operations.
Salvaged cobalt and nickel can be used in a wide spectrum of applications.  Altogether the recycling process yields more than 360 different chemical products.  Some of the recovered materials are sold back to rechargeable battery manufacturers.  Other chemicals from the recycling process are useful for dying ceramics, fertilizing farm crops, making hard-metal cutting tools, and much more.
The process our client developed has a positive impact on the markets for cobalt and nickel at every stage of the supply chain.  So, we were happy to help keep their operation running smoothly by providing them with a shower trailer rental when they contacted us recently to find a temporary shower solution for their employees.

Shower Trailer Rental for an Industrial Recycling Plant

When the recycling plant reached out to us, they needed to find a way to provide comfortable and sanitary showers for their workers to get clean before returning home at the end of their daily shifts.  After discussing their requirements for capacity, the space they had available, and their access to utility services – we found a great match for their application with an 8-stall commercial grade shower trailer rental.
The unit we provided has 2 4-stall suites, which makes it easily convertible between one women’s suite and one men’s suite – or two men’s suites if the women’s suite is not in use.  The entire trailer is constructed with commercial grade materials that easily stand up to the rugged conditions of crews working with industrial materials.
Each 4-stall suite features a central vanity with double bowl sinks in a solid surface countertop, two toilet stalls with locking privacy doors, and a roomy common area.  The four shower stalls are made with a tough and durable one-piece acrylic mold, and each stall includes its own private changing area.
Climate control options are available, and our client chose a model with central air conditioning and electric heat strips – creating a comfortable setting for their workers in every season for the duration of their long-term rental agreement.

Learn More About PRT’s Great Shower Trailer Rental Options

We were thrilled to learn that the shower trailer rental we provided was a good fit at the recycling plant.  And we were even happier when the plant’s management contacted us recently to extend their contract for a second term.  Repeat customers are the cornerstone of our success here at PRT, and each time a client returns to us we see it as a return on our commitment to excellence in customer service.
If your company is looking for a short-term solution for a shower trailer rental – or a full-blown decontamination trailer for hazardous material projects – get in touch with PRT today at (877) 600-8645.  We’ll provide the guidance you need to find the best unit to meet your needs with financing that works within your existing budget.