Shower Trailer Rentals Can Support First Responders

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Shower Trailer Rentals Can Support First Responders

When our founder first started Portable Restroom Trailers, one major goal was to ensure we could provide restroom and shower trailer rentals for those who need disaster relief. There isn’t much that we experience in life that is quite as devastating as natural disasters. Many of them are unpredictable and sporadic, leaving communities unsure about their safety. Some seem like they aren’t going to be huge only to completely wipe out a city. Even when a disaster ends up being smaller and less damaging than predicted, the costs of preparations and evacuations can add up quickly.

After a natural disaster hits, whether that be a tornado, hurricane, mudslide, fire, or other acts of nature, we see fellow Americans lose everything and suffer through the rebuilding it takes to put life back together. We are thankful for the nonprofits and first responders that are on the ground assisting these victims and do what we can to support them.

When an individual has nothing, something as simple as a restroom or shower can be comforting. That’s why we prioritize providing our restroom and shower trailer rentals to the organizations helping them. A shower is something we truly take for granted in everyday life. It’s such a mundane task, yet for these survivors, it’s a small slice of normalcy when hope seems to be lost.

Below, we outline three ways our shower trailers have aided in disaster relief over the years, and we plan to keep supplying them to whoever needs them. If you or your community suffer through a natural disaster, you can trust that we are here to assist.

First Responders

Many of us have benefitted from their service, especially during emergency situations. Thanks to these brave men and women, fires get put out, families at risk of drowning in floods are rescued, animals are saved, and many who would have been seriously injured or left for worse are helped.

Being a first responder of any kind is a tasking job that demands long hours, heavy lifting, and difficult working conditions. At the end of each shift, these rescuers are exhausted and beat, yet ready to get back out there and do it all again tomorrow. Shower trailers can provide a quick, relaxing break for those who need it most. We’ve all gotten out of the shower feeling energized and rejuvenated, and these brave people deserve that feeling most. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Alongside many first responders are the nonprofit organizations that show up at disaster sites to support. They provide housing, food, water, beds, and so much more for the affected communities. Without them, it would be much harder for our neighbors to get back on their feet.

Fortunately, nonprofits bring volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their safety and time for free, and these volunteers deserve the best treatment they can get. A shower can, like with the first responders, relieve stress, tension, exhaustion, and more. Our shower trailers are designed to give these fearless working a chance to get some privacy, cleanliness, soothing and comfort that a hot shower can provide. 

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A nonprofit organization or first responder’s job would be twice as hard without a location to operate. Thanks to local churches, community centers, town halls, and other buildings open to the public, offsite nonprofits are able to come and set up a space for those who are rescued. Food, water, and supplies are often given to these survivors, and many of them will need that location as housing.

Survivors go through so much during natural disasters, and some lose everything. We have seen shower trailers provide families with a place to clean up after their trauma, comfort those who have lost so much, and give a sense of normalcy among all of the chaos. This is why we love working with nonprofits - supplying survivors with something as simple as a shower can go a long way.

Shower Trailer Rentals in Your Community

We never know when disaster will strike, but rest assured, no matter what your community may experience during these hard times, we are here to help in the small way that we can. Let our shower trailer rentals bring rest to your volunteers and staff, and comfort to those who may have lost it all.

Browse our available inventory of shower trailer rentals here, and if you know of a nonprofit, community location, or first responder site that could benefit from a trailer, contact us. We’d be happy to begin the conversation and help those who need it. 

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