What is your best childhood memory? For most, it's going to include some type of sport, game or activity. Perhaps you loved little league or Pop Warner football? Or maybe you were more of a kickball/dodgeball player. As children, we don't realize just how full of adventure we really are. The need to go get dirty, scrape our knees and pushing the limits is essential to growing up. As a leading provider of shower trailer rentals, we see little ones enjoying their favorite sports regularly, and it reminds us of simpler times.

It’s unfortunate, but most of us lose that drive to just get out and play! What you learn while playing sports is fundamental for adult life. You learn discipline, commitment, communication and most importantly, how to get along with others. This is a skill that is more important than most in the tech society we live in. 

No matter your age, you goals, or your career, it is important to stay active, and when you or a loved one is out playing on the field, a restroom option will eventually be necessary. In the sports industry, our shower trailer rentals are very popular. They provide athletes with an accessible restroom option that includes a shower, so after practice or the big game, they can get rinsed off and clean.

Below, we share our top shower trailer rentals for the sports industry. Browse these options and see which might be a great choice for you. 

Locker Room Combo 

shower trailer rentals with lockers

Why settle for just shower trailers? This fully equipped locker room is perfect for high school or college campuses with sports teams.

This trailer also a great option to have when doing remodels and you need to ensure that your facilities still have access to the essentials. The Locker Room Combo is a great 6 station option. With 4 shower stalls and 2 toilets, it can handle the entire team with ease. 

ADA +2 Combo Oahu Series

ADA shower trailer rentals

You can’t let physical obstacles stop you from keeping active. Perhaps you are doing physical therapy to recover from an injury.  Provide comfort for all with our ADA +2 Station Combo Oahu Series Shower Trailer Rentals. This trailer is not only accessible to those with disabilities, but this trailer also works as a family suite. It is perfect for the busy mom who needs to change a diaper while helping the other tiny tot. This unit has 3 stations - two are our standard stall size and the other is an ADA-compliant option with shower and sink grab bars. 

3 Station Combo Cabo Series

Is space limited? Making every square foot count is an absolute must? We have Shower Trailers for every situation. Perhaps you’re a hot, new spin or barre studio and need to facilitate showers and bathrooms in small urban environments. Maybe you run a construction company and want to offer your workers a restroom with space to relieve themselves and the option to rinse off after a long day's work. This shower trailer rental is apart of our Cabo Series and has its own shower, toilet, and sink to ensure ultimate privacy. 

8 Station Shower Trailer Rental

8 station shower trailer rentals

Let’s say you’re a new college and finally got the grants for the new stadium, but need a place for your athletes to rinse off. For those running a Soccer or Rugby club, you need to ensure your clients can have a relaxing shower after playing a good game on the field.  Our Sierra Series shower trailer rentals include 8 stations!  Each station is equipped with its own enclosed shower. This lager trailer is sure to work for your biggest athletic teams.

Staying active is vital to a healthy lifestyle. It’s important that health and fitness businesses stay open, safe and operating smoothly so that people still have the option to keep moving. Whether that's a school, soccer club, gym, or studio owner, we have many options for each and every type of athlete. No matter your age, from 2-92, we want to help keep you active in some way shape or form, and shower trailers can ensure that these facilities you use provide all the amenities you need. Browse our inventory for more shower trailers that may work for your active space!