Shower Trailer Rentals Support a Variety of Venues

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Shower Trailer Rentals Support a Variety of Venues

As the spring season approaches, many of us are doing our best to find any reason to be outside. From kayaking on the lake to football scrimmages, enjoying a breezy day on the golf course to camping at your favorite spot, the number of reasons to get outside and have fun is very high during this time of year. As these venues prepare to host all of the fun-seekers, shower trailer rentals may provide their guests with a surprising amenity.

No matter what visitors may get into, from sports to boating to pool lounging, they’ll eventually crave the clean feeling that only a shower can provide. Instead of making the trip home still dirty from their day of fun, imagine if they got to get nice and clean before leaving your venue.

What types of venues could benefit from shower trailer rentals, you ask? The list gets surprisingly long, but we’ll just keep it to the highlights. As your business prepares for the busy season to come, consider renting one of our shower trailers for your guests. Providing you visitors with this added amenity leaves a positive lasting impression that they are sure to never forget. See what types of venues can upgrade their client experience with shower trailer rentals.

Country Club

The country club is a place where you can easily spend an entire day - even an entire weekend - socializing, moving, and relaxing. With the various activities that come with the country club, from morning tennis to afternoon tanning to evening dinner, having access to elegant showers is basically a must. With shower trailer rentals, you can ensure that all guests at the country club have access to the showers they need when they need it. 

Units like the 4 Station Classic Series are a perfect fit for our country club clients due to its elegant design.

country club shower trailer rentals

Summer Camp

As a kid, nothing is quite exciting like the week of summer camp. All over the nation, parents send their kids off for a week of arts and crafts, sports, time in the lake, campfire stories, and so much more. With so many activities throughout the day, it is important to provide proper hygiene and sanitation for the kids. Shower trailer rentals ensure that no matter how dirty the day gets, each kid has a place to get cleaned up and stay fresh and healthy.

For summer camps that typically see a high volume of users, the 6 Station Endurance Series is a great solution.

Gym/ Health Club

With warmer weather comes bathing suit season! As everyone gets their bodies ready for fun in the sun, gyms and health clubs are seeing more and more visitors. After getting their sweat on, most people head to work in the morning, back to the office after lunch, or have dinner plans in the evening. Knowing that the gym may not be their only stop of the day, it is crucial to provide a shower option for members.

For those with outside facilities, providing an accessible shower is an added perk that shows members that you care. Shower trailer rentals like the 6 Station Restroom Shower Trailer Rental Combo with and Added Locker Room are a perfect solution. This versatile unit has all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar locker facility with restrooms, showers and a locker room.

shower trailer rentals poolside

Swimming Facilities

Pools become a popular oasis during the summer months in nearly every city. Whether the pool is at the country club, a hotel, or a local community center, many enjoy pool time as source of leisure and family fun.

When poolside, it’s best to provide a bathroom/ shower trailer rental combo so that guests have access to everything they may need during their day in the sun. The 3 Station Comfort Series is the perfect solution. 

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the many uses for a shower trailer rental, we encourage you to get a free quote for your rental today! Need a little more inspiration? Browse our inventory of shower trailer rental units 

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