Working with organizations who have a cause is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job here at Portable Restroom Trailers. Seeing the impact that some of them have not only on their community, but nationwide, is truly remarkable. It reminds us that the power of human-kindness goes such a long way to positively affect the lives of those in need. Whenever a public service organization contacts us with restroom or shower trailers needs, we know that we can not only help out a great business partner, but can also contribute to the good they do in their community. When the Rotary Club of Abbeville reached out to us, we knew this would be one of those business partnerships that would help them help others.


On an international level, Rotary is an organization of 1.2 million people who come together to create positive change. They see a world where individuals should strive to use their passion, energy, and intelligence to take on sustainable projects. Eager to take on the responsibility as champions for the world’s most prominent issues, clubs all over the world focus on projects like clean water, accessible health care, education, and more.
Over 35,000 rotary clubs pride themselves on taking action, These organizations are full of compassionate people who are ready to create change and make long-lasting friendships with like-minded volunteers. The clubs are big on diversity, wanting to get the passionate opinions of many different people from all backgrounds of life.
As professionals in their industry, rotary club members contribute to the worldwide community in a unique way. Given their career journey, each Rotary member brings a necessary talent to the table, from nurses and surgeons to teachers and scientists. This amazing community goes out into the world implementing change, taking on the biggest challenges and contributing positive solutions.
In June 2018, the Rotary’s Board of Directors and Trustees announced a new vision statement that aims to shape and guide the club’s future endeavors: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” This vision statement is what Rotary is all about: changing the world for the better from inside each individual to a global level.
The Rotary Club of Abbeville, LA carries the values set forth by their international headquarters, positively creating change in their local community. From new accessible playgrounds to city remodeling, the list of opportunities that this club seizes is endless. Over the past 5 years, they’ve been able to contribute over $150,000 to projects that have influenced their community. They are proud to continue their work and to bring their town the change it needs to thrive.
One of their projects includes helping local homeless veterans. The homeless epidemic has been seen across the nation, and it is clubs like Rotary who are able to create the change needed to lift these people in need up and provide them with things they need. The Rotary Club of Abbeville has been aiding these homeless veterans, and when they had a need for human showers, we were quick to suggest a solution.


We were excited to have the opportunity to help the Rotary Club of Abbeville help those who have defended our country. We had a variety of shower trailers and knew that a luxurious, affordable solution was in our inventory.
The shower trailer we provided them with was the 3 Stall Combo Restroom Portable Shower Trailer, Cabo Series. This compact restroom environment measures 16 feet and has a 300 gallon waste tank and 125 gallon freshwater tank, ideal for a moderate amount of daily use. The exterior shows off a clean design and guests are welcomed into the trailer on sturdy, aluminum steps with rails for safety.

The walls and ceiling are insulated to ensure that the interior temperature stays comfortable despite outside weather. Additionally, this shower trailer comes with air conditioning and heat strips to further influence the inner temperature, allowing for restroom managers to alter the temp levels depending on needs.
Each unisex bathroom is equipped with water saving, flushing china toilets, a sink vanity with mirror, and shower stall. An earth-tone interior design scheme adds to the luxurious atmosphere that guests will experience during use. The nonslip floor ensures that all can use the shower safely, making this restroom and shower trailer rental a perfect combination of high end and durable.
Abundant porch lighting ensures that access is easy no matter what time of day or night. To further add to the comfortable experience, we ensure that this portable shower and restroom trailer is equipped with a tankless on demand water heater. No need to worry about guests having no hot water: this unit ensures that a comfortable water temp is always available.
Overall, this is a shower trailer that is perfect for a company that needs a compact unit, a special experience for guests, and a trailer that is durable. We are glad to think about the Rotary Club of Abbeville’s use of the portable restroom trailer, servicing those who have serviced us. We are proud to guarantee that the homeless veterans in Abbeville’s community are provided with a luxury restroom and shower experience that will make them feel truly special.


Visit the Rotary’s international website to learn more about the projects they take on. If you are a passionate volunteer with a valuable skillset, the Rotary is always looking for new members! Check out a local club near you or learn about their international opportunities.
Use the comments below to share a volunteering program or experience that you are passionate about. If your organization has a portable restroom trailer need, you know who to call!