As the holiday shopping season gets underway this year, we’d like to call your attention to one particular shopping event that is especially near and dear to our hearts here at PRT.  The event we’re referring to is Small Business Saturday.  It is important to us because many of our best restroom rentals clients are small businesses – and, of course, we’re a small business too!
Small business Saturday takes place on Saturday, November 25th, in between “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.”  The event is organized and promoted by American Express, to encourage holiday shoppers to support their local brick and mortar small business as they do their annual holiday shopping.
We’ve been strong supporters of Small Business Saturday since its debut in 2010.  We think this event creates a great win-win scenario – where shoppers get the most authentic and unique gifts for their holiday celebrations, and local small businesses get some much-deserved credit for fueling the engine that drives the American economy forward.

The Short History of Small Business Saturday

The first Small Business Saturday took place just seven years ago on November 27, 2010.  American Express teamed up with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to launch the promotion.  They supported the launch with national ad campaigns, and they purchased a large block of Facebook advertising credits which they distributed among their small business account holders.
Small Business Saturday has been a smashing success since its inception.  In its first year, the promotion generated more than a million Facebook likes and about 30,000 tweets.  The popularity of the event grew quickly over the following years, and the United Kingdom celebrated the inaugural Small Business Saturday UK in 2013.

PRT’s Important Relationships with Small Businesses

Here at PRT, small businesses have always been some of our most loyal and valuable clients.  Our portable restroom rentals have allowed many small businesses across the country to expand their operations with limited resources.
When a small business wants to expand, one of the most common hurdles they face is restroom capacity.  Local and state ordinances often dictate that a certain number of restrooms are required, based on the size of building or its maximum occupancy.  However, as any homeowner can tell you, expanding and modifying restrooms can be extremely costly.  New restrooms require structural changes, and often entail the services of engineers, plumbers, electricians, and a wide assortment of general contractors.  Tack on the local and regional permitting process, and the prospect of new restrooms is simply too expensive and complex for many small businesses to undertake.
Our portable restroom rentals have provided a silver bullet for many growing small businesses across the country.  Our units provide the same degree of luxury and cleanliness that consumers expect from a brick and mortar restroom.  The compact footprint of our restroom rentals fits nicely on almost any property lot.  And our popular lease-to-own program means that business owners can acquire this important equipment within their existing operating budgets.

The Leader in Portable Restroom Rentals, and a Small Business Too

PRT leads the way in innovation and outstanding service in luxury portable restroom rentals.  However, we’re proud to say that our values and our practices always reflect the fact that we are a small business ourselves.  From our executive leadership, to our technical experts, to our outstanding customer service representatives – PRT is a small and tightly-knit family of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing an example of success to other small businesses.
We built this business from the ground up – and that experience allows us to better understand the challenges of our small business clientele.  Every time we get a call from a small business owner seeking to expand their operation, we jump at the opportunity to play a supporting role in the success of another small business just like our own.
Our perspective as a small business is what leads us to get involved in Small Business Saturday every year.  We wish the very best to our small business clients this year as they prepare their promotions and brace themselves for the busy holiday shopping season.  If there is anything we can do to assist you during this busy time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly at (877) 600-8645.  We have an extensive inventory of luxury restroom rentals that are available to ship out immediately.