3 Reasons Solar-Assisted Restroom Trailers Are the Ultimate Choice

Solar-Assisted Restroom Trailers Are the Ultimate Choice
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3 Reasons Solar-Assisted Restroom Trailers Are the Ultimate Choice

Technology seems to be constantly changing these days. As soon as we catch up with what’s new, a new replacement instantly takes over with something bigger and better.

Thankfully, bathrooms have remained the same for the past few decades, and we aren’t complaining about it. Having some consistency when everything around us is changing so fast is certainly welcome.

However, some new portable restroom trailer market developments are worth the change. No, we aren’t introducing a hovercraft toilet, AI sinks, or robot butlers to open the doors to our trailers…although that would be pretty awesome.

Let us introduce you to a new yet old technology: Solar panels.

Now, we get it; everyone knows about solar panels. They are all over the news, your neighbor down the street just put them on their roof, and there are fields of them in the desert. Solar panels themselves aren’t new, but on a restroom trailer? That’s new, which means we get to tell you all about them, and we think they are pretty great.

We put together the top three reasons why solar-assisted restroom trailers are a fantastic addition to your fleet:

1.    They are Cost-Effective

We know that all businesses are trying to cut costs where they can and keep their budgets as effective as possible. Solar-assisted trailers can help reduce excess energy costs.

While not solely powered by the sun, solar-assisted trailers help cut costs by working in tandem with other power sources. This means that, instead of running a gas-powered generator at full strength or relying solely on power outlets, the energy harnessed from the sun helps contribute to the energy input in the trailer. As a result, less is required from more expensive sources, which can help cut some money off your next energy bill.

2.   Solar Trailers Add Flexibility

Have you ever used an appliance that ran on a generator, whether a restroom trailer or something else? Has that generator ever died on you mid-event? If it hasn’t, let us be the first to tell you: it is a nightmare. You are suddenly scrambling to find a new generator, power source, or a way around not using the appliance. In a worst-case scenario, you have to shut the event down altogether.

When it comes to restrooms, you can’t have them dying on you. People need the restroom, and someone has to answer when duty calls. An event can’t go on without access to toilet facilities.

With solar-assisted restroom trailers, there is less fear of your bathrooms crapping out on you–pun most definitely intended. Solar panels soak up the sun's energy during the day to function and store excess energy in a battery. This energy is used in tandem with your generator or outlet, conserving their power so that they can last quite a bit longer. This way, you can keep the party going after dark and dance the night away without worries.

3.   They Tick the Sustainability Box

One of the primary reasons for solar power's development and rise in popularity is that it is a clean, renewable energy source. The sun will always be there, even on a cloudy day, so there is less need for fossil fuels or limited energy sources.

Solar trailers do not entirely remove the need for other energy sources, as they work to supplement generators or outlets. However, they do reduce the amount of energy required from these sources, and every little bit of energy saved makes a big difference in the health of Mother Earth.

Using a sustainable energy source to help power a trailer is kind to the planet. As a whole, portable restrooms are environmentally friendly already, and solar-assisted trailers take it to the next level. They really are the best choice for the environment.

Portable restroom trailer rentals or purchases for events also ensure that no pollution or other nasties get out at your event or into the environment. There are immense health and environmental safety risks to waste leakages, and having facilities that are clean and, with proper maintenance, secure from overflow helps protect your local ecosystem.

As a bonus, offering sustainable options in your fleet is a great look for your business. Many consumers care about the environment and want to ensure that the companies and organizations they associate with are as green as possible. Solar-assisted trailers in your fleet show people that your business cares about the environment, which boosts consumer confidence in your brand.

Don’t Underestimate Reliability

Due to their quality construction, mobile restroom trailers can withstand the elements and the usual wear and tear of regular use. You can trust that the money you spend on your trailer will be worth it with proper maintenance.

Solar panels are yet another addition to the constant reliability of mobile bathroom trailers. Energy will always be there when needed, and the panels can hold up in various climates and conditions. Solar power offers you peace of mind and an extra layer of security, knowing that the restroom situation at your event or job site no longer needs to be a worry.

Not only do they contribute to cost savings and environmental preservation, but they also offer peace of mind in knowing that restroom facilities will remain operational, regardless of external factors. From cost-effectiveness and enhanced flexibility to their sustainability and reliability, solar-assisted trailers check all the boxes when searching for efficient and eco-friendly solutions.

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