In 2009, ESPN did a study on the sanitation of NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB arenas around the country and in Canada. The results for some areas are surprising. Food vendors in these stadiums have a surprising number of critical violations.
According the “Outside the Lines” report, 28% of the stadiums that were inspected had more than half of their food vendors cited for critical violations. These violations could lead to food-borne illnesses.
iStock_000000891875XSmallAt a golf tournament in Phoenix in 2002, a 15-year-old boy died from Norovirus, a gastrointestinal illness. Officials believe that the boy and several other young golfers were contaminated when a sick employee didn’t wash his hands before handling ice for the drink vendors.
Incidents like these can greatly damage the reputation of a stadium, a team, or an event. Fans, players, and coaches all see hygiene as an extremely important factor in viewing or playing a game comfortably. Teri Francona, former manager of the Red Sox, blamed bad sushi served to him in Anaheim for the food poisoning that affected him during a playoff game.
Organizations and events that care about their reputation and the comfort of their guests should do everything they can to ensure the sanitation and safety in every aspect of their event. Whether it’s educating food vendors on sanitation laws, providing them the proper equipment, or providing adequate restroom facilities and hand washing stations, it’s the responsibility of the event to do everything they can.
For outdoor events or events at temporary locations where sanitation can be even more difficult, portable restroom trailers are the answer. Restroom trailers can provide clean, safe solutions to restroom needs and provide hand washing stations to ensure vendors return to their jobs without health risks. Portable restroom trailers use flushable toilets instead of dangerous chemical toilets that can create hazardous fumes.
To keep your sports venue or other events safe, consider a restroom trailer.