PRT Sturgis
#STURGIS75 THIS AUGUST!  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is arguably the best known gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, hosting a pilgrimage to the Black Hills of South Dakota every year since 1938! Many that take part year after year consider this community to be their family and part of the draw is to be able to spend time catching up with friends that they may only see once a year.  Staying at the Official Sturgis Campground is one way to do this with accommodations available for individual riders, families, and groups.  Barnoll Hospitality LLC who owns the property received approval from the city council to bring in additional portable restrooms and shower facilities for this 75th anniversary event of a lifetime! An event of this importance needs the cleanest, most sanitary shower solution on-hand for guests to use in order to keep them coming back year after year.  This led Barnoll Hospitality LLC straight to PRT as their best resource for securing portable restrooms for rent!
The 8 Station Portable Shower Trailer selected by Barnoll is a leading choice for facility managers with a compact yet comfortable environment, perfect for campers or anyone who will be location for an extended period of time. This 35 foot shower unit can really handle the crowd with 8 spacious shower suites and a 1,100 gallon water holding tank!  The spacious floor plan includes 1 women’s central shower suite with 4 stalls and 1 men’s central shower suite with 4 stalls, each with a separate entrance and features a tank-less instant hot water system and easy-to-use fiberglass showers with built-in shampoo and soap dispensers.  Both suites include a common area with double sinks, soap and paper-towel dispensers, wastebaskets, and a large shatterproof mirror. Abundant porch lighting at each entry door and 1-piece non-skid rubber flooring ensures your guests or employees can enter/ exit safely and securely no matter what time of day or night. TAKE THE VIDEO TOUR NOW of an 8 Station Portable Shower Trailer similar to the one rented to Barnoll!

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