As a major supplier of restroom rentals, PRT does a lot of business with construction companies and general contractors. When a company goes on site to erect a new building, build a bridge, or take on a civil infrastructure project – their team is going to need a place to use the restroom for the duration of the project.  And PRT’s luxurious restroom rentals are renowned across the industry for their comfort, cleanliness, and affordability.
portable restroom rentalsAfter years of helping some of the world’s biggest contractors, we’ve gotten pretty good at estimating the restroom capacity for a team of construction workers.  But we ran into an unusual situation recently while working with one of the top contracting firms in the southeast.  When we started asking questions about the size of the team, we figured out that the restroom wasn’t for their team at all.  They were doing a massive restroom remodeling job, and the restroom rentals were for their client.

Big League Contracting in the Southeastern U.S.

If you’ve ever paid attention to the construction of a new home in your neighborhood, you probably have a solid appreciation for the complexity of building and remodeling jobs.  A homebuilding project is a serious undertaking, with a complicated mix of scheduling for workers, equipment, materials, and budget.  Now, imagine that same process applied to a building that is two, three, or even ten times as big as a house.
That’s the type of project our client works on.  They’re one of the premier general contractors in the southeastern United States – and they have built up an impressive portfolio of projects that include car dealerships, community centers, hotels, and office buildings.
When they reached out to us recently, they were starting a bathroom remodeling project at a large restaurant.  The contractor had their own portable restrooms for their crew.  And the restaurant had made arrangements to accommodate its customers while the remodel was underway – but one group was left out.  There wasn’t enough capacity in the temporary bathroom arrangements to accommodate the restaurant’s staff.  And that was PRT’s task – to provide sanitary and comfortable restrooms for the restaurant’s employees, with hot water hand wash to comply with state and local regulations.

Compact and Convenient Restroom Rentals for Any Application

After a few conversations to learn more about the size of the staff, their shift schedules, and their normal accommodations, we recommended a 3-station unit from our Comfort Elite line of luxury restroom rentals.  This versatile design provides a luxurious experience with reliable hot water hand-washing to comply with government regulations for the food service industry.

The 3-station unit we delivered features two women’s suites and one men’s suite – each with its own private locking external entryway.  Inside each spacious suite is a fully functional authentic china toilet with a foot pedal flush mechanism.  The back wall of each suite features a wall-to-wall locking vanity with a beautiful marble countertop and a metered hot water faucet.  All of the necessities for a comfortable and sanitary experience are provided, including a liquid soap dispenser, a convenient paper towel dispenser, and an in-counter wastebasket.
These restroom rentals stay comfortable year-round, with a roof-mounted 13,800 BTU air conditioner and integrated heat strips in each suite.  The entryways are safe and secure at any time of day, with bright amber porch lighting and an LED occupancy indicator light for each suite.  Maintenance needs are kept to a minimum with an oversized onboard waste tank, which has an LED level-indicator in the trailer’s large mechanical room.  And fresh water can be provided from a direct hookup, or from a 100-gallon onboard tank.

Flexible Financing Solutions for Short-Term and Long-Term Restroom Rentals

We work with contractors and rental fleets of all sizes, from every corner of the country.  And over the years, we have put together a flexible array of financing options to make sure that we have a solution to fit any budget.  We offer short-term and long-term rental agreements; we have easy-approval credit checks; and our lease-to-own program has quickly become a favorite option for many of our smaller clients.
If you would like to learn more about our extensive inventory of luxury portable restroom rentals, give us a call today at (877) 600-8645.  One of our trained customer service representatives will help you find the perfect solution for your unique needs – well within the bounds of your existing budget.