Over the years, we have come across an astonishing array of different applications for our shower trailers for rent.  But one of the most important needs we fill goes straight to the heart of our nation, our freedom, and our future.  When the brave men and women of the United States military have a requirement for portable shower trailers, we are always happy to lend our expertise for this important cause.
Supporting Our Troops with Shower Trailers for Rent
We were contacted recently by a company that provides some very specialized training to some ofAmerica’s most elite troops.  They were making arrangements for an onsite engagement that would take their instructors out into the field for an extended period of time, and they needed to secure shower trailers for the duration of the training exercise.  We were more than happy to help, and as you’ll see we found a unit that perfectly met their needs for capacity, comfort, and durability.

Specialized Training for America’s Elite Soldiers

Our client provides extremely specialized tactical training for elite military units.  When a combat patrol needs to drop into hostile territory undetected, the preferred insertion tactic is called a military free fall (MFF).  The founder of this company is one of the world’s foremost experts on military free fall training, having created the special forces’ standard Advanced Tactical Infiltration Course (ATIC).
You might assume that a military free fall is a relatively simple operation, with several men simply jumping out of an airplane – but we’re talking about something entirely different.  This company has perfected the art of the high altitude high opening (HAHO) insertion.  The insertion tactics they teach involve highly-coordinated teams of special forces soldiers, equipped with an impressive array of equipment that includes an oxygen apparatus, night vision goggles, communications headsets, GPS tracking devices, and more.
HAHO insertions are performed at extremely high altitudes, which means that all gear needs to be approved for subzero operation.  And it also needs to allow sufficient dexterity to perform the physical feats associated with jumping out of an airplane and springing into immediate tactical action upon landing.  These precision insertions are a far cry from the paratroopers of World War II, and only the military’s most elite combat units are required to learn these advanced techniques.

Shower Trailers for Special Forces

8 Station Shower Trailer
Our client typically conducts their training exercises at their own facility in Arizona, but they recently had to pack up shop and provide an onsite training at an out-of-state military base.  Some of their basic services would be provided by the host base, but they needed to secure their own shower trailers to ensure that all instructors and training participants would have access to a fresh hot shower at the end of each day.
After asking some questions about capacity and other requirements, we recommended an 8-Station unit from our Executive Series of shower trailers that turned out to be a perfect fit.  This 32-foot unit is spacious enough to accommodate 8 of America’s roughest and toughest, and built with high-end commercial-grade components that can stand up to hard use and heavy traffic.
Two separate external entryways each open into a 4-stall suite with a common area that includes double sinks in a wrap-around vanity and an oversized shatterproof glass mirror.  Each shower stall has its own locking privacy door, behind which you’ll find a changing area with a corner-mounted seat and wall-mounted clothes hooks.  The fiberglass shower stalls are simple and spacious, with a single-lever faucet to easily control water temperature.

Luxury Shower Trailers for Professionals and Executives

The soldiers taking part in this extended training were no new recruits.  These were highly-experienced professionals, and our client wanted to make sure that they would have acceptable facilities to accommodate their students comfortably.  We assured them that they would be more than happy with our high-end Executive Series shower trailers.
Our Executive Series shower trailers are fully climate controlled, with a roof-mounted air conditioner for summer months and integrated heat strips for the winter.  Hot water is supplied by an instant tankless water heater, so that no one ever needs to worry about being last in line.  The attractive interior design features coordinating countertops and designer flooring, with abundant safety lighting at each door for safe entry and exit.
If your organization needs to rent shower trailers for any special event or onsite project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with PRT today at (877) 600-8645.  One of our highly-trained customer service representatives can help you find a unit that perfectly matches your requirements – and we have several flexible financing options to choose from.