While we introduced the new trailer, LULU, to our fleet this past spring, we now have another to introduce...the new GoLo restroom trailer!
The GoLo restroom trailer is different than other restroom trailers. The main feature is its ability to lower tonew-GO-LO-step-less-restroom-trailer-interior-photo-slider the ground in minutes, which makes it easier and safer for younger and older guests using it. The lowering quality of this trailer eliminates the need for high steps, railings, or additional landings. And for the ADA GoLo restroom trailers, it means a lower, safer, wheelchair accessible ramp and entrance.
The GoLo patent-pending suspension system makes this restroom trailer one of the best in its class. It uses an air ride suspension rather than a hydraulic system. Air ride suspension systems tend to be more cost effective, easier to maintain, as well as require less maintenance, and last longer. They also provide a smoother transition to the ground.
Not only is the new GoLo restroom trailer known for its lowering feature, but it also provides a spacious luxurious interior. It is fully climate controlled and offers an option for a surround sound system. Additionally, it includes granite countertops, porcelain toilets, and full luxury vanities and mirrors, great for any event at any time of the year.
The aluminum material that the GoLo restroom trailers are made of makes them easy to clean and harder for annoying pests to penetrate. The aluminum is non-corrosive, which also helps them last longer. They are attractive, as well as extremely functional and practical.
We are proud to introduce a whole new GoLo restroom trailer inventory to our fleet! We strive to offer as many options and solutions to our guests as possible. Check out the entire line of GoLo trailers on our website.