Myth: Toilet seats are the “germ mecca” of the bathroom.
Fact: Places where your hands frequently touch are where the most germs are.
While most of us blame public and portable bathroom trailer toilet seats for harboring all of the germs, it is actually places like door handles, flushers, soap dispensers, and sink handles where the germs are gathered. So, no more is the infamous toilet seat at fault for the nasty little organisms we pick up in the bathroom.
The first line of defense would be consistent cleaning and sanitizing of the restroom, whether it is indoors or an outdoor porta potty rental. Since we can’t always control when or how they are cleaned, however, the second line of defense is on us…frequent hand washing. Usually the small one person porta potties don’t have running water and soap, but there are some portable restroom trailers that do contain a sink, running water, and soap inside. If you have access to a regular restroom or portable restroom trailer, take advantage and wash, wash, wash!
The Mayo Clinic offers some effective washing tips: wet your hands, apply soap, scrub for at least 20 seconds, rinse well, and then dry. If there are paper towels available, try to use one to turn off the faucet so your hands will remain germ free. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of washing your hands before leaving the bathroom. This will greatly cut the chance of spreading and bringing those unwanted germs with you wherever you go.
Remember, toilets are not the culprit…let’s try to give them a better rep!