Did you know that there are actual snow and ice houses that you can go in? Some are just for looking, but others are palaces that you can tour, some are hotels that you can stay in, and some are forts to play in. We’re amazed that such places can be built to maintain their form to be safe enough to stay inside. Although with subzero temperatures, these noble structures won’t be melting any time soon.
Would you be willing to sleep on a bed of ice? If you stay at an ice hotel, your bed is made of ice, though you sleep in specialized sleeping bags that the hotel provides. As you can imagine, everything from the ground up in these places is ice…from the ice glasses in which drinks are served, to the tables and chairs, to the chapel where weddings and services take place. There’s just one thing that seems to be missing, and of course you know we have to ask…how and where does one go to the bathroom??
Take a minute to view some of these featured extravagant World’s Wildest Snow and Ice Houses. We’re sure you’ll be just as astonished as we are!