If you like charming small towns with a rich sense of culture, look no further than Tarpon Springs. The riverfront town is just 20 minutes from the metropolitan city of Clearwater, but you won’t want to leave Tarpon Springs often. The town had an almost dreamy feeling to it and was inspired by the coastal villages in Greece.


We were approached by the city to provide a portable restroom trailer, and we jumped at the opportunity to visit this historic town!

After consulting with the municipality, it was decided that the ADA+2 Portable Restroom Trailer with an optional baby changing station was aligned with their needs.

Tarpon Springs has a diverse population and is an attractive retirement option. With that in mind, the ADA can double as a family restroom with climate controls, and a hydraulic lift system to lower the trailer if a guest can’t navigate the stairs.

And because of its smaller footprint, the ADA+2 can be placed in parking lots in most cities. The ADA+2 also complies with the ADA in all 50 states.

But let’s go back to Tarpon Springs! The area sports natural sponge beds and that inspired Greek sponge drivers to move to the area in the early 1900’s. This move was the beginning of today’s thriving sponge industry. In fact, the main attraction for tourists at Tarpon Springs is the gorgeous Sponge Docks, which is set on the Anclote River.

There is a strong sense of Heritage among the Greeks in the population, and it shows in almost every aspect of Tarpon Springs. If you have some Greek in your blood, you might find a cousin or two on your visit.

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