‘Tis the season for tailgating!
We’re in the middle of football season and tailgating is one of the most popular ways to celebrate, eat, drink, and of course, show off. As one article puts it, “It’s an all-day ritual- a divine potluck of a family reunion, cocktail hour, and fashion show that keeps us coming back year after year, decade after decade, to the same sun-drenched fields.”
Whether you live in the north, south, east, or west, tailgating is a tradition that happens everywhere, though, there are regional differences as to what kind of games are more popular for tailgating at. Generally speaking, the professional games are where the tailgaters show up in the Northern Midwest and Northeast. But all along the Southern region, college games are where it’s serious. There, you have tailgaters that may or may not even have tickets. For them, it’s no big deal...they come equipped with tents, TVs, chairs, and plenty of food and drinks. They have a “private party”, all while hearing the live cheers and jeers from inside the stadium. What more could you ask for?
The only other thing you might need is a bathroom. Most stadiums place porta potties throughout the grounds. Portable restroom trailers might be a safer, cleaner option, but mostly what are available are the standard single standing porta potties. Just make sure you bring with you a container of sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. Oh, and you might also want to consider bringing your own toilet paper. With all that food you’ll be eating, it’s inevitable that you’ll be making at least one trip to the portable toilet. And you don’t want to get stuck in a portable bathroom that is out of paper...that’s just bad luck, and you don’t want to go there on game day!