Upscale Portable Bathrooms for Napa Valley Wineries

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Upscale Portable Bathrooms for Napa Valley Wineries

During our years of working with upscale portable bathrooms all over the country, something that has surprised us the most is finding wineries in the most unexpected places. From the coast of Massachusetts to the Midwest, people are passionate about wine everywhere and have found a way to make their soil work to bring up some great varietals. While many wine regions throughout the US thrive and prove that great wine can be bottled anywhere that passionate winemakers dwell, Napa will always stand out as the first renowned wine region in America.

For Californians and wine lovers worldwide, Napa makes for a memorable getaway for those looking for a wine-themed escape. There is something truly unique about the vineyard atmosphere - elegant yet rustic, it’s a venue that combines the outdoors with the upscale. The rolling hills filled with grapevines set the picturesque tone, and we’ve seen wineries use creative and innovative design to capitalize on the elegant setting that nature has created.

All this work should not be downplayed by the restroom option. It should compliment the atmosphere perfectly, not taking away from the ambiance in any way. While many wineries have brick-and-mortar restrooms, these may not be accessible during vineyard tours or out in the picnic area. Some wineries may not have a restroom at all and rely on temporary options. In any case, you can count on our portable bathrooms to match the tone and elegance of your Napa Valley vineyard. Below, we have handpicked five upscale portable bathrooms that are favored by wineries of all sizes and with various needs. Browse and see which option might be a good fit for your winery, vineyard, or tasting room. 

2 Station Oahu Series

small upscale portable restrooms 

For Napa wineries that see a small number of guests per day, this 2 Station is a great choice. Portable bathrooms under the Oahu series are known for their simple elegance, a classic and ideal addition to any vineyard. Amenities include air conditioning and heat, ambient lighting, and flushable toilets. 

3 Station Las Vegas Luxury Series

luxury portable restrooms

For a small- to medium-sized winery that sees a slightly larger crowd, we recommend the 3 Station Las Vegas Luxury Series. True to its name, this trailer is a perfect fit for a vineyard with its attention to design detail and upscale atmosphere. Granite countertops and raised sinks are just a couple of features that make up this restroom option. 

ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series

ADAA upscale portable restrooms

If accessibility is a priority for your winery, the ADA +2 Station Marina Series is a great choice. This unit is ADA-compliant in all 50 states and maintains a level of elegance throughout all suites. Like all of our three suite upscale portable bathrooms, this unit can handle a medium-sized crowd with ease.

6 Station Grand Mariner Series

medium upscale portable bathrooms

An elegant restroom option that pays extra attention to interior design, the 6 Station Grand Mariner Series is always favored by our winery partners. Boasting elegant sinks, carpeting, ambient lighting, climate control, and more, it’s an obvious choice for a venue hoping to maintain an elegant atmosphere throughout their establishment, including in the restroom.

9 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series

large upscale portable bathrooms

If you are in the market for upscale portable bathrooms that can take on a big crowd, this Seabreeze Luxury Series is a great pick for you. Handling a crowd of up to 750 with ease, this option does not sacrifice quality for quantity. Enjoy wooden accents, modern lighting, crisp interiors, and more with this option. 

See more available portable bathrooms on our website and find the perfect match for your needs! Need a little guidance? Our sales team is here to help. Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or to discuss some pre-owned purchasing options.

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