For big retail stores, renovations are a difficult but necessary part of staying in business. You need to make improvements to your store or fix it when there have been major damages, but you know you will lose business during the process.
Do you close your business to get the renovation done as quickly as possible? Do you stay open during construction?
Portable toilets are a must for construction crews, but if you decide to stay open through construction, portable restrooms can help you and your customers during the process.

Remodeling Retail Stores Keeps You Competitive

Refurbishment sign on wooden backgroundThis year, the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania will be connecting their two shopping plazas and adding 250,000 square feet of space. This expansion will make them the largest mall in America. We are happy to be providing the portable restrooms for the King of Prussia expansion.
With other large shopping centers expanding their retail space, King of Prussia Mall needed to stay competitive. Large expansions, small remodels, updates, and changes in style are all necessary for a business to keep current with their customers.

Staying Open During a Remodel Prevents Lost Customers

In the past few years, Sam’s Club has begun plans to remodel over 150 facilities. Their goal is to expand on popular departments and add the ability to offer new products. Closing their 150 stores during renovation would result in millions in lost revenue. Also, customers who regularly shop at their store could find a new discount retailer during construction and may never return.
In order to stay open during construction, Sam’s Club needs to be able to provide it’s shoppers with the same level of service and comfort that they are used to. This can be achieved with restroom trailers, which offer a higher level of comfort and convenience than regular porta-potties. They are ideal for staying open during a construction project.
Portable Restroom Trailers has the privilege of providing portable toilets to Sam’s Club during their renovation.
Whether you are a large shopping center, a retail store, a truck stop, fitness center, or any other business in the middle of a construction project. One of the considerations you should make when deciding whether or not to stay open is whether you can offer your customers the same level of comfort.
Happy Remodeling!