#WORLDTOILETDAY WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD NO ACCESS TO A CLEAN TOILET Did you know that 2.5 billion people currently do not?!  It’s a shocking statistic that in 2015 a third of the world’s population fall into this category, having to use an open field, rivers and streams, or other public places on a daily basis which leads to rampant disease and pollution! Women and girls often become targets for assault and violence due to a lack of privacy, victimized when they are at their most vulnerable.  When toilets do exist in these areas, they are severely limited and do not provide accommodations for those with special needs, the elderly, and women/girls that need additional facilities for feminine hygiene or baby changing.  Without the accessibility for these populations, they are often times excluded from opportunities for education and employment which continues the cycle of poverty. World Toilet Day is a day to raise awareness and bring dignity to these very important issues!
Portable restrooms are doing their part to help in this cause, sometimes being the only means for toilets in areas that lack or have limited access to water and sustainable sanitation all over the world. Closer to home in the United States, organizations like Lava Mae based in San Francisco are bringing portable restrooms and showers to those who are experiencing homelessness in order to meet those most important basic needs.  Portable Restroom Trailers LLC understands the importance of the service we provide by offering a full line of accessible portable restrooms designed to work harmoniously with our environment. Our portable restrooms offer energy-efficient, flushable toilets and urinals that require very little water to work effectively. We take extra measures to ensure our services provide clean, safe restroom and shower solutions for both visitors and the environment by stocking our units with recyclable paper products and environmentally-friendly hand soaps, as well as servicing our units with environmentally-safe cleaning products.
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