If you’ve been following the Sochi 2014 Olympics like most people, you’ve probably noticed that it has been met with a fair share of problems.
From Moscow to SochiThe Sochi Olympics are an internationally recognized event with thousands of participants and millions of spectators; but it is still an event. Inevitably events will run into some problems along the way.  Whether you are planning an event for 50 people or 50 thousand you can learn from some of the problems Sochi has faced in putting together the greatest sporting event in the world.
Rehearse Performances- For the opening ceremonies, Sochi created a wonderful light display where 5 snowflakes descended from the ceiling and transformed into the 5 Olympic rings. Unfortunately, the fifth ring malfunctioned so there were only 4 rings to display.
Whether you have performers, speakers, or displays involved in your event, be sure to rehearse them thoroughly. Wedding ceremonies already make a tradition out of rehearsing everything the day before and guests are usually quit forgiving when something goes wrong. It may even bring out a few giggles.
Plan Ahead- With so much to plan ahead of time, Russia took on the enormous task of building most of the necessary parts of its Olympic Village just in the past couple of years. Due to delays in their construction, visitors arrived in Sochi to find that many areas were still under construction and it seemed that they weren’t prepared to handle the number of people expected for the games.
Plan ahead for the number of guests you intend to have and make sure you can accommodate all of them. Included in this might be sleeping accommodations, seating arrangements, tents or a banquet hall, as well as enough food and drinks.
Restroom Trailers – Sochi has had an interesting problem with their restroom accommodations. Culturally they have a very different approach to bathrooms than some other countries. Their multiple toilet public restrooms have caused some international visitors to scratch their heads.
If you need to provide portable restrooms for your event, keep your guest’s comfort in mind. Restroom trailers are an excellent option because they provide flushable toilets and running water sinks to ensure a comfortable and secure bathroom experience.
The games will continue for another week and we will get to enjoy watching some of the best athletes in the world compete. While you enjoy that aspect of the games, think about what you can learn from what Sochi has done, right or wrong, in organizing these games. It could help you plan your next big event!