What is a yurt? Yellowstone Club, also known as the Yellowstone Ski Resort, is a member’s only ski and golf resort located in the Rocky Mountains. For their next season, they are building a yurt at the top of one of their trails and Portable Restroom Trailers is providing a restroom to support it.
The Yellowstone Club, founded in 1999, is an invitation-only club in the Gallatin Mountains. Its exclusive membership includes Bill Gates and Dan Quayle. The few hundred members are some of the only people wealthy enough to afford the $10 million properties and $30,000 annual membership fee.
iStock_000014439266SmallA yurt is a portable, bent dwelling structure that originated in Central Asia. The 40 ft yurt being constructed at the top of the American Spirit run is being built for one of Yellowstone’s high end clients. This modern yurt will be built of hi-tech materials and feature an enormous deck surrounding it. Next to the yurt will be a food truck and a portable restroom trailer to provide a new dining and restroom facility option during the winter time.
The Yellowstone Club’s use of our restroom trailer is one of the best representations of what our portable restrooms can do. The 4-restroom 2015 Comfort Elite Series 7 has a beautiful interior fit for the club’s millionaire members. With china toilets and solid vanity sinks, it is an extremely luxurious yet comfortable and homey experience for guests with even the most discerning of tastes.
The American Spirit ski run starts at 9,200 ft above sea level. This is the ultimate test of any winterization. The restroom trailer that Yellowstone purchased is fully insulated and includes 5,600 BTU heat strips. The plumbing will operate even in below freezing, inclement weather. This artic package ensures that guests have a place to warm up even at the top of a snowy mountain.
Portable Restroom Trailers is always excited for an opportunity to showcase the many features of our trailers. Whether it is providing a ski restroom break for the rich and famous or providing facilities for a small town ice skating rink, our fully winterized trailers are a great winter solution.
See you on the slopes!