Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in California

Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC has been serving customers in California since 2007. From the Mexican border up the Pacific nearly 900 miles, we have Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in California for locations requiring temporary restroom facilities with a permanent feel and built-in luxuries.

Our California Locations - Portable Restroom Trailer LLC 

Our California Portable Restroom Trailer locations include Cathedral City, Navato, Oceanside, Palm Desert, and Van Nuys, we are the only company that provides portable restrooms from more than 7 manufacturers

There is no state quite like California. From tall redwoods to sunny beaches, star-studded Hollywood to tech-savvy Silicon Valley, it’s a state where you can truly experience it all. Doing business in this state is challenging yet exciting, and we are here to assist with restroom trailers. 

There are many businesses that are, in the minds of many, uniquely California. No matter what industry you do business in, we know we have the restroom trailers for you. When we first got started in the portable bathroom business, our goal was to create a wider range of options for businesses like yours. “Portable” does not need to mean “basic” or “2nd rate.” Why not have an option that is as upscale as the business it serves, versatile as the guests that visit it, and elegant as the atmosphere that the businesses of California love to create? Our wide range of designs, styles, and sizes ensures that there is a suitable portable restroom option for everyone.

Famous for its perfect mix of beaches, mountains, and city life, the backdrop of businesses in California varies greatly, and perhaps an exciting part of getting a business started in the state is choosing the backdrop for you. From the rolling vineyards of Napa to the tall redwoods up north, surfing waves of San Diego to the newly trending small city life of Sacramento, there is a place for everyone to belong in the Golden State.

When it comes to doing business, the world truly seems like your oyster. You are going to find a unique audience for your idea no matter where you’re settled, and we’ve got restroom trailers that will be a great fit for each of them. Perhaps you own a vineyard and need an elegant restroom option for visitors. Maybe you’re a lead park ranger in Muir Woods hoping to provide a portable restroom for hikers. Hollywood is known for its A-list parties and it is important to provide a restroom experience that is as VIP as its guests. Farmers throughout the valley need staff to help with the harvest season or to care for animals, and may need additional restrooms for employees. During wildfire season, it is crucial that firefighters and first responders have quick access to the resources they need. 

No matter what business you own and operate, we have the restroom trailers you need to go the extra mile for guests and staff. 

What Are Your Options For Portable Restroom Trailers in California?

Our collection of portable restrooms for sale in California has been designed to satisfy every business issue in California. We know that this state’s residents prioritize eco-friendly business practices, so our portable restrooms are equipped with water saving toilets and waterless urinals. Hand dryers can be added as an alternative to paper towels and solar options are also available.

Accessibility is more important than ever. Make sure your employees, clients, and visitors have the access they need when they need it with CA ADA-compliant restroom trailers. We have designed a full collection of ADA restroom trailers that do not sacrifice design for usability. We love that California is all about inclusiveness, and our ADA restroom trailers ensure your business fits the bill.

While weather is on the milder side in this state, there is still a chill in the air during the winter months. Your business may not need to be equipped for snow, but it’s best to ensure your visitors are comfortable at all times. Our 3 season package is an add-on that ensures restroom trailers have the climate controlling abilities you need during winter months, and also assist with heat during the summer. 

We are excited to be a leading provider of restroom trailers, and we got here because we know the importance of restroom quality, design, and elegance. This elegance should not be sacrificed, even if the portable restroom option is temporary. We work hard to make sure that California employees, guests, and users see the value of your company no matter where they go, ensuring that the lasting impression you make is positive. 

Our Inventory of Luxury Portable Restroom for Sale in California

Our huge in-stock inventory and manufacturer relationships give you access to an unparalleled selection of portable restrooms, shower trailers, ADA compliant restrooms, and more. Not only do we offer a wide variety of new restroom trailers for sale, but we also have tons of amazing used restroom trailers in stock and take trade-ins.  We also offer portable restrooms for rent to accommodate your outdoor events.

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Luxury Portable Restroom for Sale in California
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