6 Station Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo | Classic Series

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6 Station Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo | Classic Series

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4 Season
Smart Restroom App-Yes
6 Toilets
0 Urinals
Up to 550 Guests
6 Sinks

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Durable Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo Solutions for Construction, Schools, and Emergency Management

This unit is perfect for use on construction sites, military exercises, disaster relief, locker rooms, festivals, and much more! Each shower trailer unit has its unisex room so that it can be used by both men and women, with a private entrance and lockable doors. Each private suite has full-size shower stalls with curtains, flush china toilets, a corner sink, a vanity mirror, metered shower water, and a hand wash. In addition, this trailer features on-demand hot water, air conditioning, and full-size propane-forced air heat.

Smarter Restrooms App - An interactive tool that allows portable restroom rental fleet owners to monitor operational systems for their trailer(s) from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can easily maintain systems operations with the ability to monitor waste and fresh water tank levels, power, and interior climate control.

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