2021 was another year of ups and downs. As our country took on another year with COVID-19, we were once again in awe of the resilience and strength the American people demonstrated through this difficult time. We were able to support a variety of businesses adapt with bathroom trailers and succeed as operations pushed on despite so many obstacles, and we are grateful for every company we partnered with.

One of the goals that we tend to revisit year after year is creating an inventory that can satisfy any unique business and its needs. That means having a variety of bathroom trailers available, from worksite to executive, casual to formal.

Every year, we inch a bit closer to having a restroom solution for all business needs, and the proof is in our partnerships. Below, learn about a few industries we served and how bathroom trailers helped them to operate more efficiently.

Hospital Support

Every industry had to adapt to accommodate the changes that COVID-19 brought about, but none was impacted quite like hospitals and healthcare. Over the past year, we assisted hospitals and healthcare centers with shower trailers to support hard-working staff and bathroom trailers that could serve additional patients both onsite and at additional pop-up facilities. 

Disaster Relief

Heavy rains, floods, tornados, fires, and more devastated a number of communities this year. As first responders worked hard to save and support affected citizens, we answered the call when bathroom trailers were needed for workers, volunteers, and locals. We prioritize ensuring that when an emergency restroom trailer is needed, it gets shipped and delivered to the community in need in record time.

Non-profit Impact

In addition to emergency services for natural disasters, non-profits play a crucial role in providing bathroom trailers for other communities in need. Many local organizations reach out about showers or restrooms for the homeless community. Some have volunteers working in other countries that don’t have advanced plumbing. Ensuring that volunteers are supported and giving underserved communities the right to restroom access are causes we always support.

Travel and Tourism

This year, the travel industry got a much-needed bump. As the vaccine was distributed throughout the country, more and more Americans were able to book flights to see the world after over a year of little to no travel. As cities began seeing peaks in tourism, they aimed to improve the visitor experience with bathroom trailers. From the wharf to downtown, parks to street parties, restroom trailers provided travelers with a positive bathroom experience.


The education system also took a hard hit during the pandemic. With kids turning to virtual learning to continue their education and teachers straining to make online curriculum effective, the stress on everyone in school settings was high. Fortunately, 2021 allowed children to begin returning to campus, and many administrators turned to bathroom trailers to ensure social distancing was an option in the restroom.

Bathroom Trailers in 2022

Overall, we always enjoy working with clients both repeating and new, and each of these businesses teach us something new about what we need to provide from our bathroom trailer inventory.

As you reflect on 2021 and make plans for the year to come, feel free to contact us to chat about what your needs for bathroom trailers may be. With anticipated chain supply delays, the time to make plans for the new year is now. We can’t wait to see what we can do for you in 2022!