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Seasonal Packages Make Portable Restrooms Winter Ready

As we begin to see signs of winter across the nation, many have started thinking about adjustments needed to run business in cooler temperatures. Fans and air conditioners are needed less, and as the chillier months approach, a need for insulation and heaters becomes more prominent. As leading providers of portable restrooms, we understand that climate control is a priority for an ideal bathroom experience, and we keep the changing of seasons in mind as we craft our special upgrade packages.We often work with businesses who are interested in purchasing our portable restroom trailers, and although a sale may be complete, we believe in long term partnerships with companies we sell to. We provide a wide variety of add-ons and upgrades for trailers that make them ideal for restroom operations year round. As the year continues to fly by, we know that fleet owners are beginning to think about running their portable restrooms during the colder seasons. Below, you’ll find an outline of our heating packages and upgrades that will guarantee your restroom users stay comfortable and warm despite outside weather.THREE SEASON HEAT PACKAGEThe Three Season Heat Package is ideal for businesses that have units being used in milder winter climates. With the ability to withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees, it can handle a little frost.This package equips portable restroom owners with a waste tank de-icing system This ensures that contents do not freeze up despite the potential of slightly below freezing temperatures. The de-icing system can make fleet owners feel confident that this critical tank is not affected by extreme temperatures and can continue operating in excellent condition.Portable restroom operators can also remain confident in the unit’s ability to provide a warm climate for guests with the addition of the 750-watt heater. This powerful heater is added to each suite and maintains a comfortable temperature for users.To aid the heater in keeping the climate comfortable, this package also includes an upgrade to the entire unit. Insulated walls and ceiling are added, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. Finally, this package includes the 2-30 amp marine style power cord upgrade.Together, these upgrades work together to guarantee that your portable restrooms are comfortable for guests in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. Your unit will be ready for winter in no time!FOUR SEASON HEAT PACKAGEFor those living in more extreme climates, a few more upgrades are necessary to withstand some seriously cold weather. There are some locations where a 30 degree minimum limit simply won’t do - and some living in these climates wouldn’t even consider 30 degrees true winter weather!For those who agree, we have packaged together an upgrade built to withstand as low as -20 degrees - our California clients can’t imagine it! Here are the upgrades you’ll need to maintain your portable restrooms.First, this upgrade includes almost everything that comes with the three season package, including the de-icing system, insulated walls and ceiling, and 2-30 amp marine style power chord.In addition to these features, the four season package provides an upgrade from the 750-watt heater. A 40k BTU ducted furnace is installed and provides heat to the restrooms, allowing the interior temperature to reach a comfortable temperature. The unit also has a two 30lb LP tanks mounted at the front.To further insulate the unit, we add an underfloor spray insulation. This means that your unit will be completely insulated from top to bottom, keeping that wanted heat in and cold out. An insulated LP cover is also included to protect the two tanks at the front.As added protection from the outside cold, we create a foil wrapped exterior before adding the metal finish, which provides your restroom rental with the most protection from cold weather possible.WINTER READY PORTABLE RESTROOMSOverall, each package is customized to ensure that your portable bathrooms continues to operation in extreme winter weather. You won’t have to worry about a customer’s lack of comfort - these winter upgrades are designed to keep heat in and the cold out in every way possible. Ready to purchase your winter ready portable restrooms? See the units we have available to ship now! If you don't find the perfect fit for you, request a quote or contact us to begin your customized purchasing experience. 
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Winterproofing your Restroom Trailers

Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we pride ourselves in providing the best products in our industry. We build products with quality that lasts, but despite all the precautions we may take during production, some things are hard to prepare for. We know it’s a little early to start thinking about those winter storms to come, but best to be as prepared as possible!For those who experience extreme weather conditions, we know how hard it can get to maintain your restroom trailers. Maintenance issues are bound to arise: what if your water freezes? What if the hose gets clogged by ice? How do I keep my restroom guests comfortable during use?These are all thoughts we’ve had when thinking about how to continue to improve our product. We want you to have the highest quality experience possible after your purchase. When it comes to cold weather, note these tips to ensure your restroom trailers stay functioning and keep that high quality for long periods of time. PROTECT YOUR WATER SUPPLYWrap heat tape around a ¾” garden hose. Use duct tape to hold it in place, about every 12 inches.Put foam tube insulation around the hose and heat tape. Leave the plugs and power lights uncovered.Run duct tape down the insulation, leaving the connecting ends, plugs and power lights uncovered. If you cover them, you will not be able to connect the water or power. Leave test lights and power lights uncovered (for testing and to be sure the hose remains working).MAINTAIN INTERIOR TEMPERATURESPlace two 1500-watt electric heaters under the unit. Be sure you have sufficient power!Build a 2×2 or 2×4 wood frame to fit underneath each side of the unit. This is going to box the bottom of the outside of the unit.Fill any gaps with insulationCut ½” plywood to fit frame for each side. Be sure to consider stairs when cutting your wood. Stairs should be out and in place before measuring.Measure and cut out a 6”x6” square to cover the drain access. Attach this with hinges so you can access the drain when needed. This will protect drain valve from freezing.Eliminate gaps and holes on the tongue side of the unit with R-13 (or greater) insulation.Staple insulation inside the wood boxCut a piece of insulation in half and lay it on the ground where the box will be placed. This eliminates gaps between the wood and the ground.Fill any small gaps on the top and bottom of the box with insulationStaple bubble wrap around the outside of the wood unit. This closes of gaps and keeps cold air out and heat in.Use electrical tape to cover plug connections that will remain outside.NOT USING YOUR RESTROOM TRAILERS THIS WINTER?Eliminate the use of power and water until the unit is ready to be used again.Drain water from all the lines.Add non-toxic RV “Pink Water System” antifreezeUnplugFollow these simple tips and your restroom trailers will maintain their quality for a long time coming! Contact us with any questions you may have about keeping your trailers in great condition
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Bathroom Trailer Operations with the Smarter Restrooms App

Technological advancements continue to improve the way companies do business. We have seen so many new and innovative creations in the past five years alone, and Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to say that we’re advancing the bathroom trailer industry right alongside others.In February of 2017, we launched the Smarter Restrooms App, and this tool has helped our many partners to more effectively run their bathroom trailers. The app, which can be downloaded and used on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, makes the overall management of restroom fleets convenient and more time effective.As we continue to partner with new businesses, we want to highlight the value of purchasing a bathroom trailer with the Smarter Restrooms App feature. Read ahead to discover three key upgrades that the app provides. Receive Timely NotificationsEach bathroom trailer unit comes with water saving flushable toilets, running water from sinks, and sometimes, showers and other amenities. This means that fresh water tank and waste tank levels require careful monitoring.No need to do this math on your own any longer! The Smarter Restroom App sends the fleet managers alert notifications when waste and freshwater tank levels are 2⁄3 full or empty, causing the unit to be out of service shortly. This is sure to boost productivity, allowing your team to have easy access to the information they need to keep restroom trailers operating smoothly. All-In-One Control SystemNothing is more important than the experience of your guests. We want to ensure that every user has a comfortable experience in a climate-controlled unit with all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar restroom. This is an easy achievement with the app’s system operations control feature.The app detects and controls shore power, interior climate temperatures, and up-to-date weather conditions, giving units winter protection from freezing temperatures and keeping things cool when hot. This ensures that portable restroom trailers fleet managers stay updated from a remote location - they’ll know what changes are needed to the unit and when, which allows for a consistently pleasant restroom experience for guests.The app also allows for geometric locating, allowing managers to see the exact locations of all bathroom trailers at all times. Offsite Unit ManagementThe most tasking part of operating portable restroom trailers is basic management. Making the trip back and forth to one or many units takes up valuable time, which can lower efficient customer service. The app addresses this issue as well.Managers have capabilities to remotely control lights, air conditioning, heating, water heaters, and trailer power. This means managers can operate more restroom trailers off-site, expand their operations, and provide superior service.Overall, the Smarter Restrooms App was developed to allow businesses who use or own a bathroom trailer to manage them more effectively. The app allows the management team to get more done in less time, makes fleet operations easier in general, and saves valuable employee time. Now, with the app, you can ensure that restroom visitors have a top-notch experience with less manual labor. We’ve made it easy so that your business can provide the best service possible easily, allowing you to grow and prosper. 
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Introducing 2021 Satellite Series Restroom Trailers

Each year, our goal is to improve our restroom trailers little by little. Whether it’s upgraded interior design or new equipment like updated sinks and toilets, making these small improvements work together to make our product better as a whole. We want our restroom trailers to impress all users and guests, and it all starts with manufacturing.We partner with a number of manufacturers, all highly regarded in the restroom trailers industry. In order for these manufacturers to catch our eye, they must showcase top-of-the-line craftsmanship. We’re talking about designs that our customers could not even imagine before seeing these units. Most are shocked to see the high quality that can come in one of our restroom trailers.Satellite Restroom Trailers is one of those brands. A leader in the trailer manufacturing industry, we are amping up our partnership with them and showcasing more and more of their trailers designed specifically to our and our customers’ needs. Get to know the brand and see why your portable restroom purchase should be Satellite.Get to Know Satellite Restroom TrailersWith Satellite's extensive background and experience, you can bet that purchasing one of these trailers will get you some serious ban for your buck. We recommend these designs for those who have upscale guests. Event attendees, high-level executives, conference goers, and others who expect a certain level of elegance.A complaint we’ve heard over and over about porta potties and low-quality restroom trailers is that the ugly truth unveils itself and the smell is simply unattractive, no matter how nicely the portable trailer may be designed.One of the key features of a Satellite Restroom Trailer is the polyethylene waste tank.  For a variety of reasons, this material is superior to others when comparing ease-of-cleaning, upkeep and longevity.  In fact, the design of the waste tank has the proven advantage of reducing odors, especially when combined with the use of biodegradable deodorizers developed by the company. In addition to the specially-designed waste tank, Safe-T-Fresh deodorizers, manufactured by Satellite, are complex formulas containing biocides and enzymes specifically suited for this industry and in this case, restroom trailers.  This is where the experience Satellite gained over the years is invaluable to a suites customer.Satellite also goes all out on design. These restroom trailers are impeccably created with designer sinks, ambient lighting, high-end flushable toilets, gorgeous wooden finishes, and more. It’s hard to believe that these models are portable restrooms! Additional innovations include using materials such as aluminum framing, composite sub-layers, and seamless outer layers to prevent costly moisture issues. They also include features like a polyethylene tank to reduce odors. Satellite’s restroom trailers incorporate common sense features and unique durability that insures a solid return on your investment.Get Your Satellite TrailerNow that you’ve learned all about the value of Satellite restroom trailers, consider purchasing one for your business. Here are just a few that we have in our inventory. Check them out!2 StationADA +2 Station6 Station8 Station10 Station
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5 Tips to Keep Event Crowds Healthy in 2021

Events are officially back! We are so excited to start creating with event producers and designers again. Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is making its rounds, we are ready to provide bathroom trailer options for a variety of concerts, street events, farmers markets, and so much more.When planning an event, there are so many details that tend to seduce the passionate planner away from more mundane tasks. You get swept up by menus and design, entertainment and florals, and may put key experiential things like health and safety at the end of your list.It’s time to reprioritize! It's so important that we continue to take safety measures to keep the spread of COVID-19 low and ensure those waiting on vaccines stay safe and healthy. After over a year of learning to manage a pandemic, the savvy planner has learned that there are quite a few preventative measures that they can take to ensure their event is a safe and healthy environment for guests. See some tips below that will help you to make sure your visitors stay in tip top shape.  HydrationMany of us take for granted the importance of drinking water. We don’t realize how necessary it is to keep our bodies running. This is especially true when temperatures begin to peak. Hot summer events see many victims of severe dehydration and it’s important that, as an event, you promote drinking water for health and safety. A hydrated body is also more capable of fighting off new bacteria that may enter the body. Make sure to provide free water for guests so you can ensure you do your part to keep your attendees hydrated.Hand WashingHandwashing is one of the best ways to prevent the spreading of disease, especially in a crowded setting. We all know how it goes: you touch a contaminated surface, germs are on your hands, you touch your face, now germs are in your body. It can be a vicious cycle, but can also be easily broken by washing your hands. Ensure your guests are practicing this important health and safety tip by providing hand washing stations in addition to your restrooms. All of our bathroom trailer options are perfectly equipped to handle crowds of all sizes, allowing every guest access to a sink when they need one. CapacityLet’s deal with the serious stuff first. When planning your event, paying attention to venue size is an important task because if you fill your venue above COVID-19 regulated capacity, you’ll get fined. The fire department enforces capacity for health and safety purposes. So yes, we all want to avoid that fine! But more importantly, this reminds us to be conscious of crowd size. Overcrowded venues can cause violence and spread disease. Double check your capacity requirements and listen to what Fire advises. It’s for your community’s own good. AccessibilityWhen you see the word accessibility, your first thought is probably about those with disabilities. This is good! It is absolutely important to ensure that your event is accessible for all to enjoy and we make restroom trailers to ensure that the bathroom is a welcoming place as well. But let’s take accessibility a bit further. It’s not just about those with disabilities. It’s about ensuring bathroom lines don’t get too long, making sure first aid is available if needed (see #5 below!) and confirming that everyone can get to an exit in case of an emergency. Accessibility to these items and more can make or break your event when it comes to health and safety. Take the time to examine your venue and make sure that accessibility is prioritized for all. We recommend using units like the ADA +2 Station Oahu Series bathroom trailer to expand restroom acces. First Aid and Onsite MedicalIn case the worst does happen for someone in your crowd, it is important for you, as the event manager, to be prepared for a medical emergency. No matter what the case may be, from severe dehydration to a small scratch needing a band-aid, making sure you have tools - and the people with knowledge - to assist is crucial. When it comes to events, you simply never know. It’s best to stay fully prepared and ready to take on whatever may get thrown at you.With these tips, you can run successful events while keeping the health and safety of your crowd in mind. Preventative measures like hand washing and hydration ensure your event doesn’t cause a spreading of disease, and maintaining a safe crowd that has access to necessary amenities keeps attendees happy and well taken care of. Let us help your event succeed further with a bathroom trailer! Our trailers are fully equipped with amenities that help to support health and safety. Contact us for information on what may be the perfect fit for your event!
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What Portable Bathroom Rentals are Available for Events?

As event planners and producers prepare for the busy season to come, it is important to to think about guest experience throughout the venue. We know you’ve got food, decor, and entertainment covered, but you also have to think about those mundane things like sanitation. A bad bathroom experience can ruin a guest’s overall impression of your event. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered with portable bathroom rentals.There has never been a better time to ditch porta potties and upgrade to bathroom trailer rentals. Rentals get booked quickly, so we recommend that all event planners contact us now and get ahead of the curve. Below, we’ve handpicked four crowd favorites for spring events, gatherings, and venues. Browse and find the perfect fit for your needs.1. 2 StationProvide your guests with comfort in our 2 Station Satellite Series. Our Satellite Series offers a floor plan that features one men’s and one women’s suite. With this option being an easy-to-tow model. The suites include a pedal flush china toilet, shower stall, vanity with single sink and lockable under cabinet storage, soap and paper-towel dispenser along with a toilet paper holder, and large mirror. These types of rental portable toilets are best used at private pools or sporting complexes.They offer a touch of luxury that isn’t expected from a portable restroom option. This restroom trailer ensures that your guests can enjoy your outdoor venue and go to the bathroom without changing the level of ambiance as they travel from space to space.  2. 3 StationOur Luxury Series is one of the most popular and affordable luxury solutions! This 3 station unit is perfect for outdoor venues that need an added level of luxury. This trailer holds up to 350 guests and is only 16 feet long! With design in mind, it fits easily in just about any location. Key features include luxuriant wood trim and crown molding, and is topped off with designer vinyl flooring. A special feature of this trailer is that it features a built-in stereo system with high mounted, in-wall speakers, which can truly help set the ambiance. This trailer is perfect for a golf course or country club.3. 7 StationOne of our most luxurious rentals is the only Royal 7 station provides ultimate luxury. The Women’s suite includes four elegant and exclusive rooms, china flushable toilets, and paneled full-length doors. The central comfort station leads patrons into private stalls. Crafted for luxury, these portable bathroom rentals have a fireplace, black marble vanity, mirrors, and abundant soft interior lighting! The Men’s suite includes 1 stall, 2 flushable urinals, and a single designer sink/vanity. Each suite area has one exterior door for the women’s and men’s lavatory. This rental has a large platform and wide stairs with a handrail for easy access. The 7 Station Royal Series is great for a wedding venue! 4. 10 StationFor your largest VIP crowds. Give your guests the best of the best with the 10 Station Grand Mariner Series. This restroom rental offers an upscale and tasteful interior that is still incredibly user-friendly. This magnificent unit will be sure to please at any event. This Grand Mariner Series portable bathroom rental can accommodate up to 750 people, which makes it perfect for a busy vineyard!  Think one of these portable bathroom rentals fits your needs? Don’t hesitate to request a quote! We can deliver fast to ensure your client is taken care of right away. Not quite ready to begin your rental process? Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our sales team is here and equipped to guide you through your shopping process. Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we have options for ALL venues. Don’t hesitate, call today to learn more about restroom trailer rentals.
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