This past weekend, Hurricane Electra covered many parts of the country with a thick blanket of snow; just in time for the holidays. If you’re getting ready to go skiing, skating, or sledding, this weather is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. If you’re planning an event, especially outdoors, this could give you some added anxiety.
A chance of snow or even an incoming snow storm may not necessarily mean the end of your carefully planned event. There are many things you can do to plan ahead and make sure everyone attends your event safely and comfortably no matter what the weather.
Clear the Parking Lot
Make sure you have enough parking for all of your guests. Find out who will be plowing your parking area in the event of snow. Even after being cleared, snow may reduce the space you have to fit your guest’s cars. Plan ahead with a backup location for parking.
Group of friends outside in winterPrepare the Entrance
If your event is indoors, set up your entrance to accommodate guests coming in from the cold and snow. This area should be prepared to have snow tracked in on people’s winter boots. It should also have room for people to hang their winter coats, hats, and gloves.
Serve Warm Food and Beverages
Especially for an outdoor event, anticipate people looking for food and drink that will warm them up. Serve hot chocolate and coffee, and perhaps even consider a S’mores station.
Use Outdoor Heaters
Patio heaters or fire pits are great ways to warm up your outdoor areas. Patio heaters are ideal for creating a warm outdoor area without the smoke or smell of a fire. If your event is more upscale, consider renting a few heaters to spread around the area.
Make Restrooms Easily Accessible
When using a restroom trailer for your outdoor event, make sure it can be easily accessed by your guests. Attach it to the side of your event tent or place it nearby with a neatly cleared path. Portable Restroom Trailers can be equipped with insulation and climate control to keep your guests comfortable.
Communication Plan for Changes
No matter how well you plan your event, there may be situations where it would be safer to cancel or postpone. If the weather becomes too dangerous make sure you have a way to inform your guests about the change. If there is a chance of cancellation, let everyone know ahead of time how you will let them know about this change.
Whether it is under clear skies or a flurry of snow we hope your next event goes off without a hitch!