Kings Dominion has a unique place in the history and tradition of American amusement parks, and PRT is proud to be the park’s long-term partner for portable ADA restroom rentals.  Founded in 1975 outside Richmond, VA – Kings Dominion was built in the model of its successful sister park, Kings Island, near Cincinnati, OH.  Only two years after its grand opening, Kings Dominion was featured in the major Hollywood production Rollercoaster, starring Henry Fonda.
Over the following 40+ years, Kings Dominion has continually expanded – regularly adding new roller coasters and rides to its 400-acre campus.  Its 305-foot-high Drop Tower was the tallest freefall ride in the world when it opened in 2003.  And its infamous Volcano roller coaster draws thrill seekers from around the world – helping to propel parent company Cedar Fair to record-high revenues in 2016.

Providing an Accessible Experience to All Guests, Regardless of Physical Abilities

Throughout its storied history, the accessibility of its rides, events, and attractions has been a source of pride for Kings Dominion.  An ADA-compliant shuttle bus is available to transport guests to and from the park’s campground and several nearby hotels.  And the park offers motorized wheelchair rentals to make the entire campus easily accessible to guests with any type of mobility impairment.
Almost every ride in the park is wheelchair accessible.  Several of the rides have wheelchair lifts allowing easy access to 2nd story loading platforms.  Rides that require use of gas pedals have optional hand controls.  Some rides have been built with removable sides to allow easy access to those with mobility impairments.  And several more rides have special transfer devices that allow riders to move from their wheelchair into the ride seat with ease.
Kings Dominion has never limited its accessibility efforts to rollercoasters and rides.  Many of the attractions in its 20-acre Soak City water park are also wheelchair accessible.  And each one of the park’s show venues is wheelchair accessible, with assisted listening devices and large print scripts available for the hearing impaired.

Partnering with PRT for Long-Term Restroom Rentals

Back in 2015, Kings Dominion contacted PRT to arrange a long-term rental agreement for an ADA restroom trailer.  Park management had identified an area within the Soak City water park where an ADA-compliant restroom would provide additional convenience for guests in wheelchairs.  We helped Kings Dominion find a trailer that met their requirements and fit perfectly into the available space.
The grounds crew at Kings Dominion put up a few additional feet of fencing to create a themed entryway for the restroom trailer.  They added a custom paint job to the new fencing, and the trailer fit seamlessly into the existing water park.  Guests were very pleased with the new restroom.  We were thrilled to welcome Kings Dominion to the PRT family and introduce them to our ongoing customer support team.
Our initial rental agreement began in April 2015 with a 5-month term.  The portable ADA restroom was initially viewed as a short-term fix – but it worked so well that Kings Dominion opted to extend the agreement when it ran out in the fall of 2015, and they’ve been a happy PRT customer ever since.

Fully ADA Compliant Portable Restroom Rentals

PRT’s ADA restroom trailers are a simple and attractive solution that can bring accessible bathrooms to any location.  The ADA +2 trailer rented by Kings Dominion features a fully compliant unisex ADA stall, along with one dedicated women’s stall and one dedicated men’s stall.  The trailer comes standard with a folding wheelchair ramp with stainless steel railings.  When in position, the entire trailer lowers to ground level using an integrated hydraulic lift system.
Each of the bathroom stalls features authentic china fixtures, shatterproof mirrors, and solid surface countertops with in-counter wastebaskets.  The unisex ADA stall has a push-button flush mechanism.  The sink, faucet, and door handle are wheelchair accessible; and the stall allows a full 360-degree turning radius for standard-sized wheelchairs.
As with all PRT trailers, the interior is finished with high-end components that provide a long lifetime of clean comfort with minimal maintenance.  The insulated walls are finished with mar-resistant laminate.   The one-piece ceiling houses the low-profile air supply and return for the roof-mounted air conditioner.  The bottom of each stall is constructed with one piece of non-skid rubber flooring.  And abundant LED lighting at each doorway ensures safe entry and exit in low light.

Extending Our Relationship with Kings Dominion

We were very pleased to learn recently that Kings Dominion will be continuing their rental agreement with PRT through the summer of 2017.  We look forward to providing whatever support is necessary to fulfill their needs over the coming year.  Repeat business is a key metric for measuring our success here at PRT.  We view each of our long-term restroom rentals as an important gauge of our ongoing goal of 100% customer satisfaction.