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10 Station Portable Bathroom Rental | Portable Restroom

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7 Toilets
3 Urinals
Up to 750 Guests
4 Sinks

10 Station Restroom Rental Grand Mariner Series

Provide the very best for your visitors and guests with an elevated portable restroom rental experience. The 10 Station Grand Mariner Series is a luxury bathroom that is designed to impress your high-end guests and VIPs.

This luxury bathroom rental is built to last with a solid dent-resistent exterior. With an 980-gallon waste tank and a customized fresh water tank, the fully self-contained Grand Mariner Series can support your group of up to 750 guests before requiring maintenance.

The women’s suite is fitted with a central powder room accented with a large two-sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and a paper towel option. Five stalls are available for use with sturdy privacy walls and the space to use the facilities comfortably. 

The men’s suite of the portable restroom rental is equipped with two privacy stalls and three urinals. Both suites feature soft lighting, an elegant, modern interior design, and flushable china toilets, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and  upscale experience. For this trailer, the design is a perfect fit for weddings, formal events, VIPS at concerts, and more.

Another important feature of this portable restroom rental is the ability to control the interior climate. Our portable restrooms always include air conditioning and heat strips to ensure that the temperature is comfortable no matter what the weather. This option has two 15K AC units.

Overall, this is a portable restroom rental that is designed to impress, providing comfort for your clients and visitors that leaves a lasting impression!

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