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2 Station Shower & Restroom | Portable Shower & Toilet Combo | Comfort

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No down payment! Financing as low as $841 per month for 60 months QBO
Smart Restroom App-Yes
2 Toilets
0 Urinals
Up to 125 Guests
2 Sinks

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2 Station Shower & Restroom | Portable Shower & Toilet Combo | Comfort

Portable Shower & Restrooms | Portable Shower & Toilet Combo

Sanitation Solutions for Campgrounds, Parks, Emergency Management, & More!

The 2 Station Shower & Restroom | Portable Shower & Toilet Combo - Comfort Series is the perfect solution for locations requiring shower and restroom facilities in one compact environment!

Each unisex shower/restroom suite includes water-saving china flushable toilet, a corner sink with metered faucet, and a shower stall with metered shower head and curtain.

Portable Shower & Restrooms | Portable Shower & Toilet Combo

The Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo also includes a smooth, durable white fiberglass interior, insulated walls and ceiling, and one-piece aluminum seamless roof with smooth siding.

Abundant porch lighting at each entry door and 1-piece non-skid rubber flooring ensure your guests can enter/ exit safely and securely no matter what time of day or night. Your guests are also sure to enjoy the comfort of a fully climate-controlled environment maintained by air conditioning and heat strips!

This unit has an LP on-demand water heater with propane tanks mounted on the tongue.

Smarter Restroom App

The Smarter Restrooms App. is an interactive tool that allows portable restroom rentals fleet owners to monitor operational systems for portable restroom trailer(s) from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Specifically, it will monitor waste and fresh water tank levels, power, and interior climate control.

3 Season Shower Bathroom Combo (Rated to 30°F)

Waste Tank De-Icing System, 750 Watt Heater in each Restroom, Insulated Walls & Ceiling, 50 Amp Marine-Style Power Cord.

4 Season Package (Rated to -20°F)

25,000 BTU Ducted Furnace, (2) 30 lb LP Tanks, Insulated LP Tank Cover, Waste Tank De-Icing System, R13 Underfloor Spray Insulation, R14 Insulated Walls & Ceiling, foil-wrapped exterior before metaling, .040 white exterior sheet metal (screwed) 50’ Heated Water Hose, 50 Amp Marine-Style Power Cord.

**All units require a minimum of 3-4 dedicated plugs for 20-30 AMP cords. Please see a sales specialist for information regarding the use of extension cords for power supply.

*Effective immediately, this trailer now includes black-covered A/C units, please see supplemental photo.

Financing available with deposit and approved credit.

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What is a portable shower and restroom combo?

A portable shower and restroom combo is a self-contained unit that combines showering facilities with a restroom area, providing both hygiene and convenience in a single portable solution.

How does a shower bathroom combo work?

The shower bathroom combo unit is equipped with separate compartments for showering and using the bathroom. It typically includes shower stalls, toilet facilities, sinks, and sometimes additional amenities like mirrors and changing areas. The unit is designed to be easily transportable and can be set up in various locations.

Is a portable toilet and shower combo suitable for outdoor events?

Yes, a portable toilet and shower combo is commonly used for outdoor events where attendees or participants require both showering and restroom facilities. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide a convenient all-in-one solution.

How many showers and restrooms are typically available in a combo unit?

The number of showers and restrooms in a portable combo unit can vary depending on the size and configuration of the unit. Combo units can range from small units with one shower and one restroom to larger units with multiple showers and restrooms.

Are portable shower restrooms ADA compliant?

Many portable shower restrooms are designed to be ADA compliant, meaning they meet accessibility requirements as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This may include features like wheelchair ramps, spacious restroom stalls, grab bars, and accessible controls.

Can portable shower toilet combos be customized for specific events?

Yes, portable shower toilet combos can often be customized to meet the requirements of specific events. Additional features, branding, and decor elements can be incorporated to align with the theme or style of the event. Discuss customization options with the rental company for more details.

How are portable shower & restroom combos maintained and cleaned during an event?

We typically handle the maintenance and cleaning of portable shower & restroom combos during an event. We ensure regular cleaning, restocking of supplies, and maintenance of all facilities to provide a hygienic and pleasant experience for users.

Can portable shower bathroom combos be used in remote locations without utilities?

Yes, portable shower bathroom combos can be used in remote locations without access to utilities. Some combo units are designed with self-contained water and waste tanks, eliminating the need for external hookups. This makes them suitable for various outdoor settings.

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