April 2012

Not All Portable Restroom Trailers Are Created Equal

Myth: Portable potties are all the same- disgusting. Fact: Not all portable potties are created equal. You may be familiar with the terms “Porta John” or “Porta Potty”, which when mentioned, you’ll notice most people cringe. Generally, the portable potties that the majority of people know are the single standing, small, smelly, stifling stall that does not include a sink...
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Hand Sanitizer: Teenagers New Way to Get Intoxicated

According to news reports, teenagers have a new approach to getting a buzz. They are now turning to hand sanitizer for alcohol consumption. As sickening as it sounds, we all know that teenagers tend to have a “nothing will happen to me” mindset, which makes them willing to take on all kinds of risks. Throw that on top of the...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Making Life Easier

Planning an event can be stressful and takes months of preparation. Whether you’re planning a graduation party, wedding, corporate event, or just remodeling your home, there are imminent issues to think of. How to accommodate for everyone’s needs is a significant matter to take into account. Restrooms, in particular, are a concern to all. Health issues, ease of access, waiting...
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What are Portable Restroom Trailers?

Click on the title to see our video that goes over the basics of portable restroom trailers:
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ADA Compliance for Portable Restroom Trailers: What is that?

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards are set by the Department of Justice and are rules that dictate how public and commercial facilities must make their places accessible to those with disabilities. This is so that people with disabilities can be fully functional and safe while participating in societal activities. Being compliant with those standards means that the facility has...
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Don't Be A Statistic: The Importance of Hand Washing After Using a Portable Restroom Trailer

When it comes to the common portable potty, dirty and unhygienic is what comes to mind. Washing hands after using the restroom, is especially important due to the vast amount of germs; however, porta potties never seem to help the cause since there are no sinks or running water. Last year, a toddler and several others that attended the North...
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