May 2012

First-Class Portable Restroom Trailers for First-Class Women

There are so many national and international outdoor sporting events during this time of year. Among those is the ShopRite LPGA Classic that is being held in Galloway, NJ this coming weekend, June 1-3. The women will be competing for the $1.5 million purse. The top five ranked players are Yani Tseng, Azahara Munoz, Ai Miyazato, Sun Young Yoo, and...
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Outside for Memorial Day weekend? Find a Portable Restroom Trailer Near You!

Memorial Day was established almost 150 years ago to honor those that died fighting in a war, but didn’t become a federal holiday until 1971. Through the years, our nation has come to better appreciate Memorial Day as a day to honor the many men and women who have fought and given their lives for our freedom. Wherever you go...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Providing Comfort as 2012 Storm Season Arrives

Already in 2012, we have seen a handful of earthquakes and an outbreak of deadly tornadoes. And hurricane season hasn’t even begun yet. It’s time to prepare for the relief that people will need as we head into the “super storm” time of year. Natural disasters not only bring physical damage, but also emotional devastation to those who experience it...
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Portable Restroom Trailers for Construction Sites

The other day I drove through a neighborhood that is still building homes. I noticed a little porta potty by the road. One of the construction guys happened to be going in while another was on his way there. On the way out, which was on the other side of the circular development, I noticed another porta potty by the...
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Portable Restroom Trailers for Graudation Parties

It’s that time of year again! Graduates of all kinds all over the country will be celebrating their success. It’s a turning point in their lives…the end of a season and the beginning of a new journey. I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate! Whether planning for a graduation party or the actual graduation ceremony, keeping the graduate...
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The Truth About Germs and Toilets in a Portable Restroom Trailer

Myth: Toilet seats are the “germ mecca” of the bathroom. Fact: Places where your hands frequently touch are where the most germs are. While most of us blame public and portable bathroom trailer toilet seats for harboring all of the germs, it is actually places like door handles, flushers, soap dispensers, and sink handles where the germs are gathered. So...
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