September 2012

Portable Restroom Trailers Used for School Renovations

Portable restroom trailers are being used all over the country, not just for weddings, parties, or home renovations, but for facility solutions. Schools, in particular, are using portable bathrooms for the staff and students while renovations to the facilities are made. A seminary in San Diego is using restroom trailers for their faculty and students while they wait for their...
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Decorated Porta Potty Races?

Have you ever seen a decorated porta potty rolling down the street?? For most of us, the answer is “no” and even the idea is outrageous. But to the residents of Iowa, the experience is not unusual. Every year at the Iowa State Fair there is a competition that involves portable toilets and decorations…it’s called the Outhouse Races. In order...
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Football teams use portable restroom trailers, too!

If you think porta potties are only used for one purpose, think again! Professional sports teams have utilized the portable restroom trailers for drills during practice. Bizarre, right?!? It is said that the Patriots came up with this outlandish training method in 1994 to help their tight ends with their eye-hand coordination, as well as concentration when receiving the ball...
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2012 DNC Google team gets the Luxury 10 portable restroom trailer

Today is the last day of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC has had trailers there to supply various groups with a clean, safe, and private place to take care of their personal needs. The Royal 7 restroom trailer was used for the welcome party at the Raptor Center and the 2013 Elite ADA+2...
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The Royal 7 portable restroom trailer will make an appearance at the 2012 DNC

Portable Restroom Trailers will be represented at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, September 4th – 6th, in Charlotte, NC. We will have three restroom trailers there. One will be used for the Dignitaries and Heads of State, one for the Google Corporate team, and one for the welcoming party at the Raptor Center on Sunday. One of the portable bathrooms...
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