December 2012

2013...The Best Yet

2012 has come and gone. It has brought both joy and sorrow to our country. We remember those we’ve lost, and celebrate new lives, as well as new relationships that have been born. As we prepare to enter a new year, we remember the past and we focus on the future. We make goals and plan out how to achieve...
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What Can We Learn From Frosty?

No one shows us better how to be joyful and make the most out of the situation than Frosty the Snowman. In this clip, he has just come to life and is so carefree because he is so happy to be alive. The children with him in this story can also teach us a lesson...they are so concerned about his...
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Protect Yourself From Holiday Germs In Public Restrooms

‘Tis the season for shopping! According to ShopperTrak, this week will be the highest sales volume week of the year, culminating with Saturday, aka “Super Saturday”, being among the five busiest shopping days of the season. With all these shoppers stopping every now and then to grab a drink or bite to eat, you’re sure to stumble upon a line...
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There Really Are Snow And Ice Houses?

Did you know that there are actual snow and ice houses that you can go in? Some are just for looking, but others are palaces that you can tour, some are hotels that you can stay in, and some are forts to play in. We’re amazed that such places can be built to maintain their form to be safe enough...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Make A Trip To Hawaii

Not only are portable restroom trailers great for renting or leasing, but they’re also a practical purchase for businesses and organizations that might use them for a long term facility solution. Depending on how long the facility needs it for, oftentimes it turns out that it is more cost effective to purchase the restroom trailer rather than lease it long...
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