January 2013

Farmers Look To Portable Restroom Trailers For Compliance With Field Sanitation Laws

How does providing safe and sanitary bathroom facilities for those working hard to harvest our fruit and veggies effect you and I? Chew on this…without a clean and sanitary place to go to the bathroom and wash their hands, the food that they harvest may be full of bacteria and other hazardous organisms. Here’s a scenario to consider: Imagine that...
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Planning Ahead...Important or Not?

If you’re going to be hosting a large outdoor event this summer whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or company picnic, most will say to start your preparations now. It's true, planning ahead will ease some of your anxiety and lighten the burden because it will give you plenty of time and allow you to do a more thorough job...
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My Park Restroom Experience

I visited a beautiful park the other day. It had a huge playground, widespread fields for a game of Frisbee or Football, an enormous skate park, and a long walking/running trail of red stones. There was even a small splash section to cool off in the summer time. It was a park that you could go and spend hours at...
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