February 2013

Portable Restroom Trailers in the News

Officials have been investigating a case where a young girl spontaneously caught fire in her hospital bed. The 11-year-old cancer survivor’s accident is now said to have been caused by hand sanitizer. "We found that given the mixture of the olive oil and the hand sanitizer on the cotton shirt, it was like a candle wick that was easily ignited...
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The Triumph: Sewage At Sea

Triumph’s breakdown at sea while carrying over 4,200 passengers, including elderly and children, has given rise to a multitude of debates. One of the topics that have come to light is that of sewage. The engine room fire shut everything down, ultimately paralyzing the cruise ship. This resulted in the loss of air conditioning, as well as the function of...
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Women Getting in the Game

This year’s Super Bowl saw an even greater increase in female viewers than ever before. With nearly 50% of viewers being women, sporting events such as football and NASCAR races aren’t just for men anymore. Women are immersing themselves in the sport, whether it’ going to the game clad in team apparel, or planning a mega tailgating party. Tailgating is...
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What's This New Trend...Homegating?

Tailgating can be a great experience. It’s exciting, competitive, and fun. But what happens when you can’t or don’t want to go to the game? You bring it home! It’s the newest trend called Homegating. Homegating is essentially the new tailgating. It’s bringing the tailgating party into your home for a more personal experience. In the past, tailgaters have been...
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Super Bowl Survival: Enjoying the Game Without Spending a Fortune

Usually our top-end portable restroom trailers are hired out for exclusive galas, private (read: very expensive) parties, and your more niche sporting events, like the PGA tournaments and the Kentucky Derby. So it’s nice that this week a lot of them are scattered around Indianapolis available for the large crowds at the Super Bowl Village. And while you might think...
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