October 2013

Restroom Trailers on Halloween

Today is Halloween! Traditionally, most cities and towns have children running around in costume trick-or-treating for goodies, and some towns may even have a Halloween parade. The trick for parents is keeping your family and friends safe while they are gathering their treats. While out walking around town, there are some things you can do to help keep everyone safe...
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Stadium Food Vendors and Restroom Trailers

In 2009, ESPN did a study on the sanitation of NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB arenas around the country and in Canada. The results for some areas are surprising. Food vendors in these stadiums have a surprising number of critical violations. According the “Outside the Lines” report, 28% of the stadiums that were inspected had more than half of their...
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Toilet Paper Only...For the Safety of Sewers and Restroom Trailers

It seems that the loved, ever-so-popular flushable wipes are in a bit of a bind. Apparently they are to blame for numerous toilet clogs and sewer backups throughout the U.S. Although they are continuously advertised as being safe and eco-friendly, it’s been established that they are not as flushable as we think. The problem is that they don’t break down...
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Keep Fall Fun With Restroom Trailers

Looking for something to do this fall? There are many events and activities to attend and memories to make, with or without the little ones. Outdoor activities seem to be the most popular since the weather is changing and the brilliant colors are so abundant. Here are some ideas for having outdoor fun this fall: Apple and pumpkin picking- one...
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Plan a Farmers' Market with Restroom Trailers

Fall is finally here. For some areas this means that seasonal fruits and vegetables are coming to your local farmers’ market! For others fall may mean the end of your farmers’ market season. If you manage a farmers’ market or have been thinking about starting one, this guide may give you some ideas to consider. The following are 4 things...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Asks: How do astronauts go to the restroom on the International Space Station?

Portable Restroom Trailers are ideal for construction sites. We have trailers specific to the size of your project and your needs. Even for large, long term construction projects we have commercial grade trailers that can include locker rooms and showers. For fun, let’s look at one of the largest, most expensive construction projects ever. It also happens to be one...
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