July 2014

Long Term Restrooms Added to 'Trailer City'

Seasonal businesses often face some serious facility and restroom challenges. Whether it’s a restaurant in a tourist location, a ski resort, a beach, or even a nuclear power plant, areas that have to plan for an especially busy time of year can face some interesting restroom trailer needs. Portable Restroom Trailers has provided long term restroom rentals for beaches and...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Investigates Restroom Privacy Part 2

Last week we wrote about the company, Water Saver, that is having some interesting restroom related news. We told you about the story from the perspective of the employees. Now, we’re explaining it from the employer’s perspective. The employees at Water Saver are given breaks that total one hour; however, suspected cell phone use in the restroom is increasing the...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Investigates Restroom Privacy

Water Saver Faucet Company is located Chicago and has been in the public eye due to what employees are calling “bathroom harassment”. The company building is a factory that makes faucets for kitchens and restrooms. The company’s employees are given breaks that total one hour; however, expected cell phone use in the restroom was increasing the amount time spent in...
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AKA Boule Has Big Effect on Charlotte and Portable Restroom Trailers

Last week Portable Restroom Trailers provided restrooms for the Alpha Kappa Alpha 66th Boule. As we mentioned in our article before the AKA Boule, this is a biennial meeting of more than 11,000 members of the national sorority. The event was held in Charlotte, NC, July 12-18. Since the event, Alpha Kappa Alpha has received great recognition for all of the...
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Restroom Trailers and Major League Baseball

America’s pastime of baseball is a game with a long, rich history and a passionate fan base. One of the best parts of seeing a game is getting to experience it in one of the beautiful stadiums across the country. Unfortunately, for many ball parks, it can be difficult to keep up with the enormous crowds the games attract. Many...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Goes to Camp

One Step Summer Camp is a kid’s camp located on Lake Geneva in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. It’s a little extra special: this camp is for children battling cancer. The concept of this camp is that just because a child has cancer doesn’t mean that he or she can’t get the same childhood experiences and memories that other kids have. The...
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