May 2016

Construction Project? No Problem with Portable Restrooms!

The Comfort Series 3 Station Combo Restroom / Shower Trailer that Port Harbor Marine selected is a leading choice for site and project managers with a compact yet comfortable environment, perfect for those who will be location for an extended period of time. This amazingly priced trailer also includes a full heat package. This package adds additional protection for year-round...
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Be Prepared for Summer Season!

This Malibu Denali 10 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer similar to the one Crested Butte selected offers a compact yet luxurious environment perfect for larger venues and functions. A beautiful interior design with coordinating hard-surface vanities is just the beginning for this trailer! This spacious floor plan includes 1 central women’s suite with 4 stalls and 1 central men’s suite with...
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Unisex Restroom Trailers & the Transgender Bathroom Debate

It’s been almost two months since our home state started making national news – and the controversy over transgender bathrooms and LGBT rights is only continuing to heat up. On February 22, 2016, Charlotte, NC passed a city-wide ordinance expanding the state’s anti-discrimination laws so that LGBT persons would also be granted protection in places of “public accommodation.” As a...
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#ToiletPaper Portable Restrooms Share The Right Way to Roll and Other Fun Facts!

OVER OR UNDER? The debate has raged on for years (124 to be exact) but if you are an over person, then we have good news for you! Even though the Chinese were the first to use a form of toilet paper over 2,000 year ago, it wasn’t until Scott Wheeler submitted his patent in 1891 that the modern version...
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#BusinessToBusiness We Make It Easy

The Royal 7 Station Luxury Series Portable Restrooms For Rent that our client selected makes a memorable impression with its lavish environment. Rich, hand-finished hardwood cabinetry and crown moldings are just the beginning; this luxury trailer also includes frosted glass vessel sinks! The spacious floor plan includes 1 women’s central suite with 4 stalls and 1 men’s central suite with...
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Portable Restrooms Trailer Congratulates SpaceX

Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC would like to congratulate SpaceX on Falcon9’s safe landing Friday morning, May 6, 2016. A live web broadcast showed the first-stage booster touching down vertically in the pre-dawn darkness atop a barge in the Atlantic, just off the Florida coast. Because of the high altitude needed for this mission, SpaceX did not expect a successful landing...
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