July 2016

Democratic National Convention Committee Hires Women Owned Businesses for Convention in Philadelphia

Tonight is the final night of the Democratic National Convention. Thousands of delegates, superdelegates, and constituents descended on Philadelphia to cast their votes for the democratic nominee. A historical event, because for the first time a women will accept the democratic nomination for president of the United States of America. Very exciting, but just as exciting are the $300 million...
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Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort Contracts PRT for Portable Restrooms for Rent

When Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort needed to remodel their pool side restroom facilities they contacted Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC for a portable restrooms for rent solution! We reviewed Disney’s needs and recommended the Comfort Elite Beach Series ADA+2 portable restrooms trailer. This is an ADA compliant unit that contains 1 handicapped accessible unisex suite and 2 additional restroom suites...
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Donald Trump Announces Indiana Governor, Mike Pence as Vice President Candidate in New York

Donald Trump Announces Indiana Governor, Mike Pence as Vice President Candidate in New York Image courtesy of The Wrap On Saturday morning in New York City,  Donald Trump said Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be "my partner" in a fight to change the United States by rebuilding the manufacturing sector at home and fighting terrorism from abroad. Here is some...
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Tight Deadline? No Problem With Portable Restrooms!

The Comfort Elite Single Portable Restrooms Trailer that Comcast selected offers a compact yet comfortable environment perfect for any small or remote location like baseball fields, small camp grounds, or flea markets that can easily be staged for more formal events.  This versatile unisex suite features an attractive interior design with a pedal-flush, water-saving china flushable toilet, space-saving corner sink...
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