October 2016

Prepare Your Portable Restrooms Trailer for Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew barrels towards the U.S. coast, many portable restrooms trailer owners are securing their trailers and belongings. Below we have compiled a checklist for your convenience: Emergency Restroom Trailer Prep Checklist Fill the fresh water tank with water—this will make the trailer heavier and more stable Fill the waste tank with water—this will make the trailer heavier and more...
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Portable ADA Restrooms Shower Trailer Combo Onsite in Middletown, CA

Almost a year ago, the iconic renewal center Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, CA was reduced to ashes by the Valley fire. Almost as quickly as the fire consumed the popular destination, however, the management vowed to rebuild. The rebuilding efforts are being fueled by crowdsource fundraising efforts via their website. Their aggressive rebuilding plan includes a three stage reopening process...
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