January 2017

Year Long Portable Restroom Rentals for National Food Company

Premio foods in Brooksville, FL is well known for their amazing sausages. From breakfast links to spicy Italian or chicken based sausage products, Premio is committed to providing high-quality, tasty sausage products. The food industry has tight regulations for cleanliness, so when Premio needed a year-long onsite portable restroom rentals that would enable them to continue provided high-quality products, they...
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CDC Throws Cold Water on Fighting the Flu - Portable Restroom Rentals Takes Note

No Hot Water to Wash Hands? CDC Says, “That’s Okay”. Portable Restroom Rentals is prepared to cover you with or without hot water, your preference. Cold and Flu season is upon us, and the CDC has specific hand-washing guidelines to help you avoid getting sick this winter season. (80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by hands!) But you might be...
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No Carey and No Bathrooms for New Year's Eve Celebration New York’s Time Square

Portable Restroom Rentals can handle this Gig! The New Year’s Eve Celebration in New York’s Time Square is iconic, but with no restroom facilities, visitors have had to get creative. With the recent nightclub attack in Istanbul, to say security was tight is an understatement. Tightened security is understandable, but no restrooms? Is this even legal, healthy, or sanitary? Portable...
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