May 2017

Aldi Grocery is Betting on Growth with ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent

We offer these fully ADA portable restrooms for rent to Aldi so they can fulfill their ADA obligations. Each unit sports a wheelchair accessible sink, ADA compliant faucet, easy to operate door handles, and an easily accessible door handles. It’s a big bet - are trend-conscious suburban consumers ready to trade in their full-service grocery shopping experience for a sprawling...
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PRT’s Portable Decon Trailer for Industrial Applications

Companies that work with industrial coatings handle dangerous chemicals every day.  They routinely handle the abatement of outdated chemicals in paint, insulation, sealants, and more.  And they oversee the application of new treatments from the cutting edge of industrial chemistry.  At the end of the day, the companies that maintain America’s infrastructure and industry rely on PRT to provide a...
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