December 2017

Building a Cycling Community in Detroit

Mid-town Detroit added an exciting new community resource last weekend when the Lexus Velodrome opened its doors for the first time.  We were happy to see that the opening was a big success, and we are very proud that we were able to support the new dome with a portable restroom trailer. What is a velodrome, you might ask?  Velodromes...
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6 Benefits of Financing Your Portable Restroom Rentals

For businesses in the portable restroom rentals industry, having a large or small fleet of restroom trailers year round is a necessity.  However, units are not in use during the winter months, or if business is slower, a portion of the fleet may not be in use. Thankfully, financing options are available to accommodate this challenge.   The lease to...
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Are Portable Restroom Rentals a Silver Bullet for Hepatitis A Outbreaks?

By placing portable restroom rentals onsite in areas with homeless populations, Los Angeles can make an immediate impact on the spread of Hepatitis A. Have you heard about the recent hepatitis A outbreaks in California?  The outbreaks began late last year in San Diego, and after smaller outbreaks in Michigan and Kentucky, the CDC advised all U.S. health jurisdictions to...
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Helping Portland’s Homeless with a Portable Shower Trailer

Over the years, we have supplied restroom trailers and shower trailers to some very admirable causes across America.  We’ve worked with disaster response organizations, poverty outreach organizations, and many more.  Recently, we helped a unique organization that is doing some very important work in Portland, Oregon.  We enjoyed learning about their organization, and we were happy to supply a shower...
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