September 2018

Hurricane Florence Relief and Recovery with Portable Restroom Rentals

The waves and storms from Hurricane Florence have taken their toll on the East Coast, and flooding continues to cause more and more damage as the storm subsides. While many made it to safety, our hearts are with those who have lost family and friends during the hurricane. We are eager to step in and provide aid with the volunteers...
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Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery with Restroom Rentals

As the East Coast gets ready to face a huge storm during this hurricane season, families prepare to survive the storm and, in some extreme cases, evacuate. While we’ve faced many similar storms in the past all over the US, some aren’t sure of the measures it takes to be truly prepared for a storm of this magnitude. We are...
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Emergency Restroom Trailer Prep Checklist

❑ Fill the fresh water tank with water to the top—this will make the trailer heavier and more stable ❑ Fill the waste tank with water to the top—this will make the trailer heavier and more stable ❑ Pull the steps in ❑ Disconnect all electric cords, wrap them up, and put them in the mechanics room ❑ Disconnect the...
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Restroom Rentals for Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Isaac Disaster Relief

As our fellow Americans on the east coast prepare for Hurricane Florence, Portable Restroom Trailers is ready to deliver restroom rentals, shower trailers, and laundry trailers. As the industry expert in mobile disaster relief facilities, we have the largest inventory ready for distribution to the Southeast Region. RESTROOM RENTAL EXPERIENCE MATTERS Portable Restroom Trailers is an Industry leader in portable...
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Better Restroom Rental Operations with the Smarter Restrooms App

Technological advancements continue to improve the way companies do business. We have seen so many new and innovated creations in the past five years alone, and Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to say that we’re advancing the restroom rental industry right alongside others. In February of 2017, we launched the Smarter Restrooms App, and this tool has helped our many...
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Restroom Rentals Fleet Owner Solutions for Cold Weather Months

As a new season is upon us and weather begins to change, we all start thinking about adjustments needed to run business in cooler temperatures. Fans and air conditioners are needed less, and as the chillier months approach, a need for insulation and heaters becomes more prominent. As leading providers of restroom rentals, we understand that climate control is a...
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