February 2019

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer for Gryphon Security Group

A perk that comes with working in the portable restroom trailers industry is our privilege to meet a diverse number of companies and organizations. There is truly something for everything when it comes to business. From nonprofits who provide restrooms and showers to the homeless to companies that produce unique boating events, we are always pleasantly surprised to learn about...
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3 Reasons to Upgrade Employee Experience with Rental Bathroom Trailers

Savvy business owners and managers have learned the value of maintaining a positive work environment for employees. From work stations that have sitting and standing desks to fully stocked kitchens, nap nooks and game rooms, companies are truly going to great lengths for their employees. This is because employees that are happy at work tend to perform more effectively, improving...
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PRT Recommends: 5 Restroom Trailer Rentals for Short-Term Needs

As the spring months slowly approach, many industries are beginning to think about their outdoor business plans. Campsites will soon begin to reopen and welcome guests, outdoor event venues clean up and prepare for the busy season, and temporary work sites like construction and agriculture are ready to bring out more staff to get the job done. No matter what...
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PRT Recommends: 5 Shower Trailer Rentals for Short-Term and Long-Term Needs

Showers are one of those amenities that we as Americans often take for granted. Nothing is quite like a hot shower at the end of a long day at work or school, especially if your work is physical. At first glance, many may not realize the value of our shower trailer rentals. Most of us enjoy the luxury of showering...
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Shower Trailer Rental for Birmingham Football Club

As 2019 continues to go by, thoughts of New Year’s Resolutions may have begun to slip away from our priority list. The gym is no longer as crowded as it was in January and that weekly routine you’ve been trying to stick to may be slipping through the cracks. Experts say that it’s around this time of year that most...
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Portable Restrooms for Rent for Red Table Talk during NBA All Star Weekend

One of America’s favorite pastimes has always been sports. Whether you’re watching the kids play at little league, get involved in the action yourself in an adult club league, or rooting on your team while watching the big game at home, nothing unites the people quite like a good game. When it comes to sports, our portable restrooms for rent...
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