March 2020

Portable Toilets for Rent for Marathon Petroleum

We aim to design portable toilets for rent that can provide solutions for any industry. From construction and office redesign to pools and country clubs, we help someone new find their affordable and elegant portable restroom option on a regular basis. We recently got to partner with Marathon Petroleum, a company that is all about customer satisfaction and employee wellness...
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Work-From-Home Tips from the PRT Team

The world as we know it has changed significantly over the past few weeks. We went from hosting dinner parties, planning music festivals, and enjoying lunches with coworkers to spending most of our day in the home with our families and roommates. Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we have stayed positive, supporting not only each other, but the many industries...
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5 Portable Restrooms for Rent for Hospitals

The world as we know it has seemed to change drastically overnight. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all living life quite differently, working from home, avoiding our favorite neighborhood bar, and saying hi to relatives via Facetime. Amid the rapid change and chaos, we must keep one thing in mind. We are stronger together. While physically apart, we must...
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Portable Bathroom Trailer for the Central Florida Fair

There are certain events throughout the year that we all look forward to, no matter what our age may be. One of these events is the fair. As providers of portable bathroom trailer rentals, we have gotten to travel the country and see a wide variety of fairs that happen throughout the year, and each one is specially unique and...
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Efficient Portable Restroom Setup with the Smart Jack

Year after year, we see technology revolutionize every work industry. It’s amazing what some of these tech companies think of! From something as simple as automated office orders to the complexity of delivery drones, we can’t help but be in awe of the many updates that appear on the market year after year. Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we are...
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Prioritize Accessibility with ADA Toilet Options

One key factor that we pride ourselves for here at Portable Restroom Trailers is our diverse collection of ADA toilet units. We have made it a goal to design a restroom trailer for every need, from basic site project needs to black tie level elegance.  When browsing our large collection, it is easy to see that we are well on...
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